Sports director reacts to Tromsø municipality by removing MyGame cameras: – Incredibly energy intensive

Sports director reacts to Tromsø municipality by removing MyGame cameras: – Incredibly energy intensive
Manager: Carite Fønnebø is the General Manager of Tromsø Ice Hockey Club. She appears to be reacting to the municipality’s decision to turn off the cameras broadcasting popular sports.

Tromsø Ice Hockey Club is reacting to the fact that the municipality has temporarily disconnected cameras that have been in use for a number of years, without warning.


– I think it’s strange that they don’t ask us how it works. I know it’s a problem all over the country, but it might be good anyway to hear from the sports clubs about how it works.

The words belong to general manager Carite Fønnebø of Tromsø Ice Hockey Club, who has previously spoken about the matter to the newspaper. northern lights.

Last Wednesday decided Tromsø municipality that they have temporarily cut off contact My game– Cameras in their municipal facility awaiting a political case.

Fonebo believes the municipality did this without speaking to the ice hockey club beforehand.

MyGame cameras enable popular sports to be broadcast live and seen in recordings on TV 2 Play. Until Friday January 13th, youth sports can also be broadcast, but one has yet to be decided Minimum age of 18 years.

Tromsø municipality’s decision means that no junior or senior matches of the Tromsø Ice Hockey Club will be broadcast in the near future.

BREAKING: Several municipalities have disconnected these automated robot cameras.

In March, the municipality of Tromsø will make a final decision on the use of MyGame cameras – like other cameras large municipalities.

Municipalities such as Horten, Ullensaker, Lillestrøm, Holmestrand, Drammen and Nannestad have also temporarily turned off their MyGame cameras.

“The process of closing them while you have to wait for a decision is strange when they’ve been there for so long already, and they haven’t contacted us in any way regarding this issue,” says General Manager Fønnebø.

“I think it is clear that the decision whether this type of MyGame camera should be permanently installed on the installations is made by the owner of the facility, and in the case of the ice rink in Tromso by the municipality of Tromso. We will make a decision in principle for all facilities of the municipality Tromsø during March 2023, and until then, no camera will be installed,” Jarli Heitmann, chair of the AP Committee for Culture, Sports and Outdoor Activities, wrote in an email to VG.

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And Heitmann believes that the “strange” in this case is that the cameras have already been used for a long time without being proven by the (town hall) owner.

“The hockey club experiences will, of course, be of great interest to us,” emphasizes Heitmann.

Tromsø Ishockeyklubb has used cameras for several years – before last year’s introduction of MyGame. The biggest consequence of this cover-up, says Fønnebø, is that it prevents the sports team from analyzing matches afterwards.

Will you try to get the municipality to turn the cameras back on?

– No… I think it’s incredibly energy intensive, sports are voluntary and we have a lot to spend our energy on, and I think these will be important to those who get paid and get paid. Fønnebø replies that it takes a lot of energy if we are going to debate the commune over the obvious things.


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