Sports, Football | – I had no idea what I was going to do, so I took out a cup of coffee

Sports, Football |  – I had no idea what I was going to do, so I took out a cup of coffee

One of the things Brann's players can't look forward to before the start of the season is when each player's official selfie is taken. Images that create diversity, which are mainly used by clubs in the elite series in social media.

The image in which they can challenge their creativity is particularly challenging. Or a problem if one has to abandon the language of counseling.

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– Seriously, Huseklepp? This is what I came up with…

Fire Captain Sievert Hjeltne Nielsen explains well what one feels in the minutes before it is their turn to stand in front of the camera.

– It's terrible. I try to think for two minutes, but everything gets so stupid.

Then the photographer discovered the coffee cup that the captain had brought during the photo session.

Robin is found guilty

– There was a suggestion that I take the cup out, and I had no other ideas. Then it was me with a cup of coffee, laughs the 32-year-old.

-Maybe you have created a new trend by having a cup in the photo?

– Huh. No, this was a tribute to former Brann player Torgeir Borvin. He always drank coffee, the captain laughs.

Another veteran who didn't exactly show up to the shoot full of creative ideas was Robin Christiansen. When done with the usual straight up and down images, creativity should emerge. Robin was empty.

– Then I was told that I should do what I do when I score…

Robin Christiansen played 219 matches for Brann. He has four goals. The last time he registered was in 2021.

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– It was just a matter of turning your back to point at the suit at that time. I have no idea what I'm doing when I score, laughs the veteran defender.

Christiansen and Nielsen found at least two images for which we cannot find more in the archives. Many players have recreated last year's creative display, but Brann's players are perhaps the most envious of the players at Elite Series clubs who don't have to take such photos.

Until then, at least this gives us good entertainment. We wish you good luck with inspiration for next year's photo shoot.

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