Sports, Glimt | Changing the throne in the field

Sports, Glimt |  Changing the throne in the field

Northern lights: When Tromsø meets Bodo / Glimt At Alfheim on Sunday we have to go back to the mid-70s to find more distance between the clubs.

The roles are reversed Everything just ten years ago. Then it was TIL who took medals in the series and played the European Cup. But TIL failed to build on the progress.

Bodo/Glimt took over The site of the leading club in northern Norway. The club has achieved success that is built to stay: a solid sporting strategy and a solid financial foundation through player sales revenue and television revenue from games in Europe. In addition, Glimt empties the talent market in northern Norway, even in Finnmark and the Tromsø region.

In the meantime, the danger of TIL To become a lift team between the elite series and the first division. In day-to-day operations, it’s all about keeping the probate court out of the door. Externally, an image has been created of a club that lives from hand to mouth, which struggles to pay current expenses, while management tempers expectations by talking about TIL as a “small club in a small town”. Of course, it is forbidden to talk like this if you have ambitions. The truth is that most of the teams in the Elite Series come from cities smaller than Tromsø.

Where TIL is in the middle of the lower battle, And may he find himself forced to sell one of his best players to Vålerenga, Glimt could say no to a double number of millions for Patrick Berg. At the same time, they can afford to bring in last year’s top scorer in the Elite Series, Amal Pellegrino, for a second consecutive gold medal in the league.

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So there are two different worlds who meet in Alfheim. An expression that in Bodo they built a higher sports culture, while in Tromsø they built it and became content with the average. A good example of this was when the club’s management – on social media – recently celebrated a victory over Mjøndalen as if it were a gold chain.

This says a lot about Self-understanding of former pride for the present. There appears to be a great need for innovation, updated efficiency and professionalism at all levels. All the way from the boardroom to the bottom, through the academy and seemingly rigorous marketing work, not least on the core product, the gym machine.

Either way, there is one The fact that TIL still means a lot to the people of the North. Players and support staff must understand that they are playing for more than themselves when they play and work at TIL.

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