June 10, 2023


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Sports, SK Fire | I don’t know what to do in the casualty crisis: – The whole situation is strange

Brann Kvinner had a troubled start to the season, which culminated in a poor 0-0 score against Avaldsnes candidate John Arne Riise. There were already four points heading into league leaders Rosenborg, but worst of all were the injuries that were constantly occurring.

Two days before the first match against Vålerenga in Stemmemyren, Brann coach Ole Harder had only 13 players on the field.

Marit Bratberg-Lund (ankle), Amanda Frisbie (ankle), Signe Gaupset (foot), Mille Aune (cruciate ligament), Tameka Yallop (ankle) and long-term injury Natasha Anasi-Erlingsson (Achilles) have all shone in their absence, while the Ingrid Steinvik on a bike in the sunlight in Stemmemyren.

strange case

This was basically the situation throughout the introductory period. During the training camp in Marbella, Harder hardly had any players to field a team in the training match against Hammarby. However, he has always denied that Brann is more active in the transfer market.

Still standing for it.

We have 20 outfield players in our squad. You can’t plan to only have 13 of them! She says herself. This is an unusual and strange situation, says Harder and recounts:

– We have three players with ankle injuries, two of whom were on national team duty. Signe’s injury came out of the blue, and the thing with Mel and Natasha is something that happens, and you can hardly take it into account. How often does an athlete tear his Achilles tendon during training, Harder asks rhetorically.

However, he does not hide the fact that he has something to think about.

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Of course it presents us with challenges. I think it would give all the difference that. And not just anyone out there. The coach says there are players who we think are in the first eleven, and at the same time they are putting pressure on Valerenga.

– If Vålerenga can’t beat us now, they never will. Because we are weak now. It’s down now, but we’ll be back and we just want to get stronger as the season goes on. Vålerenga, on the other hand, has a full squad. Harder asserts that they are the ones who should win this match.

Good news Brattberg Lund

Marit Bratberg-Lund is the only Uli Harder-referenced player to return home from national team duty due to injury. PBS reported last week that she underwent an MRI to see the extent of the damage to her ankle.

You have now received an answer to that. The Vålerenga game has been postponed, but the fullback, with 15 points last season, may be able to make it to the Stabæk game next weekend.

– Bored not being able to contribute, but I hope to be back soon. A tendon was injured or something, but it should go away on its own, Lund, who practiced with the ball again on Friday, tells BA.

– You haven’t experienced anything like it

Brann won their first two matches against Lyn (2-1) and Asan (3-2) without impressing, before following it up with two consecutive 0-0 wins against LSK and Avaldsnes. Andrein Hegerberg believes that not everything works out for a normal explanation for the injury problems that have arisen.

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– I think we were good at handling the situation with so many injuries. What we think is the worst is that it affects relationship building. We can’t get the game we want to install. In glimpses it looked fine, but it was very unstable, the 29-year-old thought.

Like Ollie Harder, you think Bran will get better once people get off the healing table.

We played four matches, two of which ended in a draw. But we could have earned them all. It is not completely black. There are a lot of games left and we have to beat them. I can promise you that, says the former Roma player.