Sports, SK Fire | Substituted at half time: – The boys have my back

Sports, SK Fire |  Substituted at half time: – The boys have my back

Arauca: Simba didn’t have a physical or mental day today. He couldn’t take what was wanted in Europe, so we took him out, says the BA’s honest Eric Hosklip.

Brann’s assistant coach saw the same thing as everyone else: Simba didn’t hook at left back. Arauca built again and again on this side, and the goal front began with the 23-year-old selling himself high up the pitch.

After the break, it was Thor Pedersen who stood in at left-back for Brann.

– I struggled to stand correctly

– It was only my second match ever, notes the Swede, who doesn’t hide the fact that it was a tough 45 minutes.

– We couldn’t find people to attack, and we lost the ball a lot. Then I had to run backwards, and I struggled to stand up properly, Simba admits.

He was always an attacking winger, but in the absence of injury to Jonas Torsvik, he was brought back from loan at Sundsvall to cover back at Brann. It happened a week and a half ago.

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– It won’t happen overnight

When asked if he understands that he was taken from the field, there is no doubt:

– Yes, I understand that. It was tough out there today, he says of the unfamiliar back situation.

The Swede seemed to deal with the disappointment somewhat after the match ended.

– Do you still believe in the left-back project?

– Yes, I have. The boys in the dressing room give me a lot of support and remind me that this is actually only my second game as a full-back. This will not happen overnight and I will stand by it. He says firmly that I do not give up.

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Eric Hornland returns for defense.

Simba played a really good game against HamKam at the weekend, but didn’t have enough time to fully recover after that. That’s why we got him out, says Bran’s trainer.


Arauca – Nar 2-1 (1-0)

Qualification of the men’s soccer league conference. Estadio Municipal de Arouca. Referee: David Monroe. Yellow card: Nino Gallović, Oriol Busquets, Arauca, Magnus Warming, Thor Pedersen, Brann.

Goal: 1-0 Rafa Mujica (23), 2-0 Cristo Gonzalez (74), 2-1 Magnus Warming (80).

Fire (4-3-3): Matthias Dingeland – Sven Krohn, Fredrik Balisen Knudsen, Robin Christiansen, Monja Simba (Thor Pedersen from 46) – Sander Kartom (Ulrik Mathijsen from 77), Sv Heltene Nielsen, Felix Horn-Meyer (Unni Hejibu from 90) – Fredrik Bornsen Wassberg from 77 ), Bård Finne, Niklas Castro (Magnus Warming from 61).

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