Spotify with many updates, but the sound that never lost can wait

Spotify with many updates, but the sound that never lost can wait

Spotify announced in February that it would offer CD-quality lossless audio during the year. When we received a press release on Thursday – with only a few weeks remaining from 2021 – we assumed it was Spotify HiFi. you did not.

Lossless CD quality audio is one of the solutions that Spotify Tidal and Deezers competitors already have. The Spotify solution will be called Spotify HiFi, and it was first written in 2017.

The answer from a Spotify PR representative makes it sound like the company is barely able to deliver on its promise:

I’d like to have something more to share with you, but unfortunately I don’t, Thea Rustad Deviizer, Press Officer on behalf of Spotify, replied when we asked for more information about Spotify HiFi.

Although the much-anticipated audio quality upgrade is still pending, Spotify came up with some minor upgrades towards the end of the year.

They announced in a blog post that they are providing star ratings for podcasts to listeners. They are doing this, according to themselves, to make podcasts accessible to 3.2 million listeners, who will be able to more easily find podcasts that others like.

They also write that they want to give podcast creators insight into how they relate to listeners, which they can use productively. writes gizmodo Yet many creators believe that positive reviews are the alpha omega for survival. In other words, negative comments will have the opposite effect.

At the same time with podcast updates, Spotify can now announce its existence It acquired another company, this time Whooshkaa.

Whooshkaa is an Australian company that has the tools to easily turn your existing radio broadcast into a podcast. Whooshkaa Tools will be part of Megaphone, a company previously acquired by Spotify that specializes in podcasts.

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