Stabæk had to wipe off the sour sting

Stabæk had to wipe off the sour sting

And on Thursday night, Stabæk posted a message on Twitter that sparked a response. In an effort to get the visiting fans excited for Sunday’s rival Sarpsborg 08, Stabæk ranked the teams that have visited so far this season.

Deleted: This situation went on for about an hour. Photo: Skjermgrab, Stabæk on Twitter

About an hour later, the tweet was deleted. Then the club apologized.

– An attempt to shoot an opponent on Sunday ended in a complete fiasco, the club manager wrote on Twitter.

Joachim Meijn, Stabaek’s media officer, lies down and apologizes on behalf of the club.

Anyway, I had no intention of attacking anyone! There was nothing bad against Haugesund. The tweet was mostly aimed at shooting at Sarpsborg, but then we managed to score a powerful own goal there.

– It’s just a matter of lying down and then hoping the other clubs release a little in return. Then we promise not to come close, says Meowen.

– The ass has been treated

When TV Two contacted Haugesund Maakeberget supporters club, they said it was intentional that they didn’t save lives in the away stand.

– We were miserable? We didn’t apply. Four tickets were sold out at the remote booth, and they weren’t from Maakeberget. We’re boycotting, says supporter coordinator Randy Hetervik Felicia.

– That was really childish to post. If they want guests, there’s no point in publishing it, she said.

The reason is the treatment they underwent at Nadderud.

We were treated badly there. When the reception we receive is not due to an adult, there is no need to travel.

Maaberget has boycotted overseas trips to Stabæk in recent years.

– It may have been six or seven years since the episode occurred, when he ran over the cup. It was horse manure. Whether it was on purpose or not, says Flesjå.

She points out the many people around the club who have treated them badly.

– The guards don’t welcome us as people. They treat us badly. The management in the club is no better. Previously, we worked well with them and had nice trips, but the new “park” isn’t easy.

She says they don’t boycott other clubs.

That’s what the club says

Stabæk’s event director, Kjetil Ekeli, prefers to say as little as possible about the claims of the Haugesund supporters.

– I don’t recognize myself in it. There was an episode in 2017, but we’re done with that. FKH emailed back in 2018 that they also left him for dead. There were also fans from Haugesund at matches here later.

He will no longer speak of the criticisms of the Haugesund supporters.

– I don’t want to say anything. We have put it behind us.

However, he regrets having horse manure there.

FKH fans say there are more people who experienced the same thing?

No, it’s not something we test.

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