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Politihuset i Stavanger.

Number of drones unknown Observed along oil and gas installations on the Norwegian coast The last time.

Last seen on Saturday, depending on the site It will never happen again.

Director of Operations Victor Finn-Jensen in the South West Police District confirmed the observation.

– We received a message yesterday morning the 13th from the operator that they saw a possible observation of a drone in the Åsgård B platform. It says it was from the platform.

Fenne-Jensen says operator Equinor has also reported a Russian vessel close to the field.

Coast Guard ship KV Svalbard.

Photography: Jonas Selim / Armed Forces / Yonas Selim / Armed Forces

Coast Guard Club

Location It will never happen again I write that the coast guard ship KV Svalbard reported on Saturday that a Russian icebreaker has been lying for days at the country’s second largest gas plant, Ormen Lange in Moore og Romsdal.

Orc Mayor Odd Jürgen Nielsen says he thinks the Russians are behind the drones.

There is no doubt that the Russian authorities are looking to sow fear and provocation. It’s very good to follow, Nielsen says.

Odd Jørgen Nilssen, Mayor of Aukra

Mayor Odd Jürgen Nielsen.

Photo: Malin Kjellstadli Korsnes / NRK

Several investigations

Police are investigating several drone observations at Norwegian oil and gas facilities recently. It recently became known that PST will take over the investigation.

Equinor, who is the worker at Åsgard B, did not wish to comment on the note on Saturday.

– We do not confirm any reviews. The police have asked us not to, in consideration of the investigation, says press officer Ellen Maria Schgelsbeek.

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