Ståle Solbakken Serbia – Norway 0-1

Ståle Solbakken Serbia - Norway 0-1

You are The Norwegian international footballers may have experienced the most fun of the 1-0 away win over Serbia, but perhaps no more significant in many years:

  • Because this is how footballers must play to finally reach the international qualifiers.

Then met, then focused and then wholeheartedly. Only then can a football match be won where the team loses 0-12 in the corner kick stats.

And even win it well.

As a result, it changes a lot.

win over Away away to a World Cup-ready Serbia in the countdown match is in itself a solid feat. The way the result came out is stronger.

This time around, a still young Norwegian side suffered from being pushed in large parts of the match. It’s a crucial step in the right direction, and an experiment to evolve.

It was security that finally made Ståle Solbakken relax after the match. Then he screamed and ran almost continuously from the sidelines for ninety minutes, getting paid for the effort.

The group of players he took charge of became a fairly new team and was clearly improved.

The It’s only been a little over a year and a half since what went completely wrong against Serbia. At Ullevaal at the time, everything that was supposed to be good with the new young stars turned out to be really bad. Erling Braut Haaland, Martin Odegaard and Alexander Sorloth all ended up in the national A-team for the first time, as the Norwegian level was revealed by an adult opponent and football wise:

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This was a very bad Norwegian team. tactics. Duel game. Ball therapy. everything. I felt like we were the second best team in all areasAnd the So TV2 expert Oyvind Alsker, who has watched most of Norway’s matches in recent decades.

Yesterday he and the rest of us saw something completely different.

first And above all, it was the Norwegian team that dared. Because Norway went straight to the offensive.

The Norwegian high pressure was short-lived in the heat in Belgrade, but it did last long enough to reflect progress from fall 2020 to June 2022:

  • At that time, almost all players managed to get training and experience in good European clubs to make clear individual steps.

During these first minutes, there were two sequences of passes that showed the new security of catching the offensive ball. Martin Odegaard was with most of them. But where the Arsenal star was previously easily understood in the national team, the ball is now much safer.

You must decide this match.

for The 1 – 0 goal was just a passing game at a high international level. Markus Holmgren-Pedersen’s running deep on the left wing was excellent. Weighting on the flat stick of Ødegaard himself.

Then he followed that delicate post by Holmgren Pedersen from exact deadline to the field where Erling Braut Haaland was on his way.

Two accurate passes and two passes are equally accurate.

Much easier and wiser could not play the attack, and this became possible because both the technical and the tactical were in place.

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this is The result came after the best Norwegian attack of the match. Honestly, there wasn’t much. Preferably, the Norwegian progress was to be seen in shorter sequences. How players got rid of stress or solved other difficult situations.

For more and more, this became a defensive battle against a good local team. It’s been such defensive challenges for a long time for Great for football players.

But this time it held up completely.

This in itself gives new progress.

So It can be seen only marginally a few times. He nearly missed two quick goals from the Serbs, and again early in the second half when excellent midfield distributor Frederic Orsnes was very clever with the ball high in the field.

The break that followed gave the home team their biggest chance. Then goalkeeper Organ Haskegold Nieland was the only one who prevented the equalizer.

But given the number of chances, this match was very close and even.

who – which Norway was very strong under pressure, due to good organization, good transportation and good fencing power.

Stopper pair Stefan Strandberg and Leo Skiri Østigård have been consistent and cash in their own right. Together they fit perfectly for an opponent who hits a lot early from the edges, and lacks top speed and dribbling skills at the top.

And when he cracked a bit in the second half around that stopper pair, Solbakken made sure Norway regained defensive control with good exchanges in the middle.

Consequently, there was no Serbian final race that could threaten a stellar Norwegian start to the Nations League qualifiers.

Tough Draw: Norway meet Sweden, Slovenia and Serbia in the 2022 Nations League. National team manager Stol Solbakken describes them as a very tough group. Reporter: Fredrik Veltvedt / Red Card
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this is Relatively recent innovation still has a long and bumpy road to the long-awaited final of the footballers. It is probably easiest to get to EC 2024 with the usual qualification. The top candidates are like Sweden in our group in the Nations League.

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But already on Sunday night we brought in a remarkably strong team against the Swedes in Stockholm.

Quite simply because Ståle Solbakken has so many good players to choose from, and because he has created unity in the national team squad that appears on the pitch.

This could be fun then.

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