June 10, 2023


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Stange – NRK Innlandet – Residents evacuated due to apartment building fire on local news, TV and radio

The police and fire department were alerted to the fire at Stange Center around 6.30pm on Sunday.

20 to 30 people live in an apartment.

– The first message we received was dramatic. If the fire had spread further, it would have been more dramatic, says Rune Vegard Huse, operations manager of the Innlandet police district.

Evacuate people quickly

As most of the occupants of the building are elderly, it is urgent to evacuate them and put out the fire.

– All residents are now accounted for, says Hoos. No one was missing after the fire.

An elderly woman was sent to a hospital in Hamar with minor injuries.

One injured: A woman was sent to the hospital with minor injuries after a fire broke out at an apartment building in Stange Center.

Photo: Frode Meskau / NRK

Residents in the neighborhood were asked to close their windows because of the smoke.

The fire service said the fire had been brought under control but would continue to extinguish the fire in the evening.

None of the residents of the building will be able to stay in their apartments tonight. They get an offer from the municipality to stay elsewhere. How many people will be able to return to their homes will only be assessed tomorrow.

– Now many apartments have a lot of smoke and water damage, says Rune Vegard Huse.

The cause of the fire is not known

The exact location of the fire is not known, but the police are investigating which area has the most fire.

The cause of the fire is still unknown. Police will start an investigation tomorrow to determine the cause of the fire.

The entire area will be cordoned off until police carry out investigations.

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