June 6, 2023


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Star-studded "Allsang på grensen" - these artists will perform

Star-studded “Allsang på grensen” – these artists will perform

June 23 is her starting shot The last season of “Allsang på grensen” on TV 2. Famous artists from home and abroad are ready when this summer’s “Allsang på grensen” finally takes over the grand stage at Fredriksten Castle in Halden once again.

– We are really looking forward to this ‘Allsang på grensen’ season! It’s unbelievable that two years into the pandemic, we can finally take the big stage again, and do it with so many artists coming to Halden for a party, says Catherine Haldorsen, TV 2 editor.

See who will sing in the final season of “Allsang på grensen” in which case.

Ends with the flag at the top

A total of seven programs from Frederiksten Castle will be set this summer, in what will be the 16th and final season of “Allsang på grensen” on TV 2.

– In the first program, the standard was set with Angelina Jordan and Odd Nordstoga, among others, before we later received hits from volumes like Ronan Keating, TIX, Kurt Nilsen, A1, DDE, Subwoolfer and Keiino – to name a few, As the program editor says.

– And then there will of course be a great ending, which will also revive the last “Allsang på grensen” program on TV 2, where Sissel and Secret Garden will participate and put an end to it. Haldorsen promised TV 2 would really end the time for “Allsang på grensen” with the flag at the top.

You’ll see these artists at “Allsang på grensen” this summer:

I like Nordstoga

Angelina Jordan

Golden Times / Freestyle

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Stavanger guys


Dedrick Soleil Tangin

Morgan Soleli

dimple tone



Johnny Logan

Villa Vidar

Kurt Nielsen



Marcus and Martinus

Eva Will Scrum

A 1




Wig mom

Freddy Kallas

Henning Fitness

Ronan Keating

blowing mafia



Agnet Saba

secret Garden

half price


The list of artists may change. More artists will also be added to the list closest to the broadcast.

Registration takes place at Frederiksten Castle in Halden on Wednesdays from June 22nd through July 27th. In addition, there is one program that will be taped on Saturday, July 30.

“Allsang på grensen” – Posted in TV 2 play Thursday from June 23 to August 11 from 20:00. Programs are broadcast on TV 2 on Thursdays at 21.40.