Statistics for Samortna admissions are out: these are the most popular studies

Statistics for Samortna admissions are out: these are the most popular studies

During pandemics, historically many people have applied for a place in higher education. This year, the number has stabilized somewhat and now 135,980 candidates have applied for admission to universities and colleges through Samortna Admissions.

Civil economics education at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) has been ranked number one for the fourth year in a row. Chancellor Øystein Thøgersen is very pleased with it.

– This is the narrow eye of the needle, and the placeholders are very strong candidates. We provide solid and professionally up-to-date education for future working life. We are particularly committed to integrating topics such as technology, data analytics and sustainability with traditional economics and management subjects. He says in a press release that if they graduate from NHH, they get jobs in most industries and get a sought-after qualification.

Law courses are second and third in Oslo and Bergen.

Exemption from law school

Studies related to law are still popular. This year, 7.4 percent of all applicants chose such courses as their first choice.

If you want to study law before, only Oslo, Bergen and Tromsø offer it.

But this year, for the first time, the study is “exempt” and both Agder, Stavanger and BI offer it in autumn. This is reflected in the applicant numbers.

The University of Agder previously offered a bachelor’s degree in jurisprudence, but this year they are offering a master’s degree for the first time. Together, it forms a complete legal education.

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– Here we see an increase of almost fifty percent in the number of first priority applicants. Overall, the opportunity to offer a comprehensive legal education leads to a strengthening of both the professional environment and interest in studying with us, says the Dean of the Business School at UiA. Roger Norman In a press release.

UiA is experiencing an increase of approximately 50 percent in the number of first-time applicants. At BI, there are 1,645 applicants for 150 seats in Bachelor of Laws.

– The interest in the new study in Jurisprudence is absolutely wonderful. We have undoubtedly struck a nerve in the market. The launch of the Department of Justice is a big step for BI, but at the same time the result of long-term and difficult work, BI School of Economics Rector, Karen Spence says in a press release last week.

Economics courses are popular

The academic area “economic-management subjects” is the second most popular academic area among first-choice applicants after “health subjects” according to Samortna admissions statistics.

Approximately 23,700 candidates have opted for the course in Economics.

“Digital economy and management” at Høgskulen på Vestlandet (HVL) stands out especially as the number of interested parties increases. The annual course, which offers in-depth development in digital marketing and management, saw a 575 percent increase in the number of applicants from the previous year. Currently there are 270 candidates in 30 seats.

Increased interest in petroleum and online courses

More academic players offer all or part of the academic studies online. There are 96 such online courses this year, up from 84 last year. Since 2016, the number of online courses has increased by 273 percent.

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At the University of Stavanger, there is an increase in the number of applicants for Energy and Petroleum Technology this year.  Description of the workers in Johann Sverdrup.

At the University of Stavanger, there is an increase in the number of applicants for Energy and Petroleum Technology this year. Description of the workers in Johann Sverdrup. (Photo: Marie Van Kroek)

In the number of applications today at the University of Stavanger, you can also see that there is a lot of interest in energy and petroleum technology.

– It is pleasing that the number of applicants is increasing and we hope it will continue. We know there is great demand in the business world for the capability this education provides, and it is relevant to the entire energy sector,” says Susanna King, senior advisor at UiS, in a press release.

Along with them, the number of applicants for Bachelor of Science in Energy and Petroleum Technology increased by 71 percent from last year.

A dramatic decline in teacher education

Less than half of all applicants have teaching or healthcare as their first choice. However, the number of applicants for teacher training has dropped by 21.9 percent compared to last year.

– It is very worrying that the number of applicants for teacher training courses has dropped drastically. This is primarily a national problem, but it affects NTNU in a big way. There is a limited number of applicants for study programs in both Lecturer Training and Primary School Teacher Training. We still have many qualified applicants, but unfortunately we do not have enough qualified applicants to fill places in all programs,” said Marit Raiden, Vice-Chancellor for Education at NTNU, in a press release.

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