Statkraft has acquired 43 wind turbines in Germany and France

Statkraft has acquired 43 wind turbines in Germany and France

Statkraft has acquired the wind farms of Breeze Three Energy, which consists of 39 wind farms in Germany and four in France. The parties will not disclose the price of this trade.

The total production capacity of German wind farms is 311 MW and consists of a total 187 wind turbines producing an average of 463 GWh/year. Wind farms contain turbines from different suppliers and have a large geographical spread; From Bavaria in the south to Schleswig-Holstein in the north.

– The goal is to become a leading developer of wind and solar energy, with an annual development rate of 2.5 to 3 gigawatts of new installed capacity by 2025. This acquisition reinforces our position as the leading representative of renewable energy in Europe, writes Birgit Ringstad-Wartdal, CEO Vice President of Wind and Solar Energy Europe in a press release.

It will prolong life

The German market for renewable energy is the largest in Europe in terms of installed capacity, projected growth and potential for upgrade and expansion, according to the press release. Statkraft wrote that it will improve operations and extend the life of parts of the wallet.

Statkraft has been present in Germany since 1999, working with energy solutions, energy trading and power plant operation. Earlier this year, Statkraft announced that it would develop a Rappenhagen wind farm in northern Hesse.

The newly acquired wind farms are between 13 and 22 years old, so the remainder of the subsidies varies according to the press release.

35 megawatts in France

French wind farms are located in the regions of Normandy, Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Pays de la Loire, and have a total capacity of 35 megawatts. The sixteen wind turbines produce an average of 60 GWh/year.

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Statkraft has had an office in Lyon since 2009. This office was opened to sell hydroelectric expertise, but has since expanded to solar and wind power.

Statkraft aspires to be a leading player in renewable energy in Europe. Last year, they bought solar energy company Solarcentury for 1.45 billion NOK. Solarcentury has 40 large scale solar power plants in Spain, the Netherlands, the UK, France, Greece, Italy and Chile.

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