Stavern Festival, Festival | Triple glide and news from the Stavern Festival: – Better secure a ticket quickly

Stavern Festival, Festival |  Triple glide and news from the Stavern Festival: – Better secure a ticket quickly

Stavern Festival is gearing up to illuminate summer on the second weekend in July.

From the very beginning, the Larviks Festival has had big names like Karpe, Kygo, Tiësto, Niall Horan, Undergrunn, Ballinciaga and Emma Steinbakken.

Now there’s a solid hip-hop package on offer too, Stavernfestivalen reports in a press release.

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Very topical

The trio of Ice Spice, Tyga, and C. Gambino are all famous names in hip-hop heaven.

– With a trio of current and well-known hip-hop artists, plus strong headliners and the best of Norwegian folk music, this year’s Stavern program delivers on all fronts. This will be the best party of the year, and you should never miss it, says Trond Opsal, booking manager at the Stavern Festival.

These are the three new artists:

Ice Spice is a rap star from the Bronx who, at just 23, has managed to become a global phenomenon, including with the huge “Boy’s liar Pt. 2”, which was popular on TikTok.

On Friday, Isis Naija Gaston, as her real name, released the song “Princess Diana” with Nicki Minaj, considered the greatest female rapper in the world.

Within five days, the song had accumulated over 14 million plays on YouTube and 6 million streams on Spotify.

Tyga isn’t just anyone in the music world. The Compton, USA-based rapper quickly went from independent releases to a record deal and global recognition for his catchy, easy-going style.

Tyga, which by the way is short for Thank You God Always, has collaborated through over a decade-long banger with a crazy golden string of artists, consisting of, among others, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Game, Snoop Dogg, Drake, Chris Brown, and Doja Cat. .

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His most streamed song is “Taste” (performed by Offset), with 1.2 billion streams on Spotify.

Swedish C. Gambino is currently with the hit song “G63”, which has been stable for several months at the top of the 50 most popular songs in Norway on Spotify. This is top-brand Swedish gangsta rap, Stavernfestivalen wrote in a press release.

The rapper that hit

– We have a good tradition of American hip-hop, so it’s only natural that we recognize American hip-hop this year as well, Communications Director Joran Christensen tells ØP.

They’ve got three different artists. Tyga had been doing it for ten years, while Ice Spice hacked it six months ago. Swedish C. Gambino is Swedish rap, and it’s also very popular.

Something for every taste, that is. In addition, Christensen has two more news.

– The introductory day program will be released on Wednesday evening, and on Thursday it will be released, according to him.

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can be torn

Interest in the daytime pass has been high, and Christensen says there hasn’t been less demand since the good weather came. With the sunshine and hints of summer, it’s clear that many people have decided to take a trip to this year’s festival.

– Many are interested in Karpe and Kygo, and many want tickets to these artists. Christensen says interest in Karp hasn’t waned after the weekend’s Spellemannpris awards ceremony.

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– Can it be sold?

– Yes. We’re not there yet, but if you’re going to get a one-day pass, it’s best to secure a ticket quickly, Christensen says.

Tickets are issued on Thursdays at 10 am.

List of artists this year so far:

  • This year’s lineup so far consists of Kygo, Karpe, TIËSTO, Ballinciaga, Broiler, ChrisHolsten, C. Gambino, Dagny, Emma Steinbakken, Ice Spice, Niall Horan, Postgirobygget, The Stickmen Project, Tyga, and Undergrunn.
  • The Stavern Festival takes place at the Larvik Golf Course from 6 to 8 July.

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