Steinfeld sticks to the content of the Kazakhstan article – VG

Steinfeld sticks to the content of the Kazakhstan article - VG
Former Reporter: Hans Wilhelm Steinfeld has written a number of books, including on Russia where he was the NRK reporter for several periods.

Former NRK journalist Hans-Wilhelm Steinfeld does not understand why his impartiality is questioned because he wrote a positive discussion about Kazakhstan, which was prompted by the country’s embassy.


as VG Yesterday wrote Steinfeld earned according to our country I paid for this position. The former Dagbladet editor-in-chief was John Arne Markussen, who mediated the communication and was commissioned through Geelmuyden Kiese.

Yesterday Steinfeld did not have the opportunity to answer, but on Thursday he answered this in a short message to VG.

As a freelance journalist and media consultant, I don’t see much difference between doing a media internship with LO leadership and CP leadership school. I have done both in the communications industry, without questioning my independence, impartiality, or impartiality, or prejudicing such missions, writes the former NRK journalist.

stand by post

– Why did I become an agent of the Embassy of Kazakhstan by charging a fee for the necessary search time, he continues and adds that this happened through Gelmudin Kizhi.

Steinfeld further claims that VG behaves in the same way as Putin against opponents and uses the example of Novaya Gazeta, which is described as a foreign agent if they receive support from the West.

He didn’t want to answer other questions about the process for the discussion post and make it clear that he stuck to the content.

– A clear deterioration has occurred in Kazakhstan since the beginning of August 2020, for a period of one year. So the content of the article I wrote as a freelance journalist for Dagbladet August 3, 2020, I’m still on point, Steinfeld writes in an email to VG on Thursday.

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Refers to the 2011 tour

Latest discussion in Dagbladet It was being printed on the 175th anniversary of the Kazakh poet Abay Kunanbayev, whom Steinfeld described as “bringing life back to the country’s history.”

– In 2011, there was an uproar in the Norwegian newspapers due to the visit of Crown Prince Haakon to Azerbaijan. The politically correct pens resented the impotence of democracy there because Statoil had its largest foreign investment in Azerbaijan. But the country’s most prominent defector, Aynullah Fatullayev, defended Norway’s business commitment, saying it appears moderate in a positive direction, Steinfeld wrote to VG.

In the Dagbladet Post, Steinfeld writes: “Corruption in an important neighboring country, Uzbekistan, with its capital in Tashkent, is noticeably more widespread than Kazakhstan. In comparison with Turkmenistan in the southwest, it is tempting to say that Kazakhstan is the best among the worst in Central Asia.

This is despite the fact that the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe has not recognized any elections in the country as free and fair.

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