Steinkjer Community Centre, Kulturskole | He was famous for touring the community center

There were many who took the opportunity to take part in a tour of the community centre, home of O2 and InnoCamp during Steinkjermartnan last week. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, people can come to join a guided tour in small groups. It was entry. first come first served.

full to the max

Due to Corona, a maximum of 20 people per round has been set. Everyone was filled to the max, and if we didn’t have the restrictions, more people would have participated. It was a huge success – resulting in many “Steinkjer ambassadors”, says Anita Ostby, Managing Director of Steinkjer Næringsforum.

changing opinion

Steinkjer-Avisa spoke to a woman who took part in a tour of the community center. She said she changed her mind after Sven Björg’s briefing in which they moved from room to room, and after seeing how cute he was.

reasonable prices

“It is a party hall that everyone can rent at a reasonable price – and there is a club theater where the old cinema used to be. Not least there are many rooms where children and young people can go to cultural schools, and there are other rooms where old people can meet for activities.” Now I see that there is no place for a library And a cinema, a large theater and a concert hall in the community center. I was already very proud on behalf of Steinkjer when I saw what had been done, and now the lady, who, like many others, was a little skeptical about Steinkjer’s culture house investment, said I look forward to seeing continuation.

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Choir rehearsals and concerts

On the club stage – as the old cinema hall is called, there will be concerts, but the room will also be used for choral rehearsals, school performances and much more. Svein Bjørge claims the club scene in Steinkjer is the best club scene in Norway. It has a capacity to accommodate 500 people.

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