Steve Jobs' business card brought $1.9 million – E24

Steve Jobs' business card brought $1.9 million – E24

A 1983 business card belonging to the Apple founder went up for auction this week, described as “extremely rare.”


The signed card was sold for a total of $181,183, or about 1.9 million Norwegian kroner. At auction on Thursday.

This is the highest amount ever paid for a business card at auction, US auction house RR Auctions wrote in a press release, reproduced by Interested in trade.

– An autographed business card selling for more than $180,000 sets a new standard for autographed business cards, says Bobby Livingston of RR Auctions in a statement.

The card is signed in black ink and includes Steve Jobs' address and the company address.

It was known that Steve Jobs did not provide autographs, and the auction house described the signed business card as “extremely rare.”

RR Auction has several Apple related items for sale under the auction title “Steve Jobs and the Apple Revolution.” Here, among other things, an original iPhone model and a poster from the animated film “Toy Story 2” signed by Jobs are sold.

The auction house had previously sold 10 business cards belonging to Jobs, but this is the only card among them that has been authenticated by the American company PSA, according to the Business Indiser website.

Steve Jobs founded Apple from his home garage in California in the 1970s with his friend Steve Wozniak. The company is now among the most valuable companies in the world with a market capitalization of $2,454 billion.

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The Apple founder was diagnosed with cancer in 2003, and resigned as CEO in the summer of 2011. Jobs died that fall, aged 56.

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