Steven Tyler is being sued: She was 16 years old

Steven Tyler is being sued: She was 16 years old

Julia Holcomb is suing Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler, 74, for sexual assault, he writes Rolling Stone

She claims the abuse happened while they were in a relationship in the 1970s. The relationship must have started when she was 16 and he was 25.

“Teenage Bride”

Tyler was not named in the lawsuit, but Holcomb has previously spoken publicly about the alleged relationship. However, he has stated that he “almost had a teenage bride” in his memoirs.

In the book, he also explains how he obtained the unnamed girl’s parents’ permission to become her guardian, so that she could legally join him on tour. The same thing appears in court documents.

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In the lawsuit, Holcomb says she “was powerless to resist Tyler’s power, fame, and great financial capabilities.”

He must have been pressured into having an abortion

Holcomb also claims she became pregnant with the rock when she was 17 years old, and Tyler allegedly pressured her into having an abortion after an apartment fire.

According to the lawsuit, she didn’t want to have the abortion, but believes Tyler threatened to cut her off if she didn’t.

After the miscarriage, she allegedly left Tyler and moved back to her hometown of Portland to turn her life around. After that she became religious, married and suppressed experiments with Tyler until the publication of the memoirs, writes Rolling Stone.

The book reportedly caused Holcombe discomfort, which she also indicated in the lawsuit. According to Holcombe, the book will discuss her identity. In the book’s epilogue, a woman named Julia Halcombe is mentioned, who thinks her name may be misspelled.

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“With my bad self at 26 and barely old enough to drive and sexy as hell, I fell in love with it,” Tyler wrote in the book, according to Rolling Stone.

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“It was the desire of my heart, my partner in crimes of passion.”

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