Stian Bleep cheated on Atlee Petersen:

Stian Bleep cheated on Atlee Petersen:

Satin Blip (32) He is one of the most popular TV profiles in Norway, and he has been recently Open about the fact that he went on a spree this summer – physical and mental.

“I got depressed,” he could say when he visited “Lindmo” earlier in November.

Not long after, word came that it was Cancels all scheduled shows in Oslo and Bergen just before Christmas, when he was called in sick after the accident.

In December, however, he’ll be appearing in a brand new project. Blipp has produced a so-called prank series called “The Spice of Life”. In the series, he goes to deceive others, and the concept may remind a little of the success of MTV “Punk’d”.

Jørgine Massa Vasstrand with his acrobatic trick in “Shall we dance”: All-Stars”, bringing in Atl Petersen as a guest dancer. Reporter: Sophie Losen. Video: Selina Moquin/TV2
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Atlee Petersen asked

Blipp is no stranger to the comedy genre and to podcasting “The Office with Oscar Westerlin” Can he say he started stand up when he was 17 years old. Therefore, it is not surprising that he managed to come up with funny moves on the upcoming program.

Blipp reveals, among other things, that he cheated Artist Atl Petersen (33) In a program. On the podcast, Blipp explained that he told Pettersen he should take part in recording a Norwegian version of “Carpool Karaoke,” a show where the host hangs out with celebrities, sings, and chats.

However, Pettersen reportedly had a less pleasant experience than she promised. Bleep pretended to be caught in a routine check and made the artist think they were running from the police.

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LURT TRILL RUNT: Atle Pettersen is in for an unexpected surprise in the upcoming Stian Blipp show.  Pictured here on another occasion.  Photo: Tore Skaar/Se og Hør

LURT TRILL RUNT: Atle Pettersen is in for an unexpected surprise in the upcoming Stian Blipp show. Pictured here on another occasion. Photo: Tore Skaar/Se og Hør
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– I panicked a bit

In front of Dagbladet, Pettersen tells more about the incident, not hiding the fact that he was both frightened and confused.

– I thought we were doing “Carpool Karaoke”, but then we got stopped at a routine check and Stian tried to run from the police. I panicked a little, because I didn’t quite understand what was happening, the artist admitted.

Petersen explains that he thinks Blipp has “completely lost it”:

– At least when he turned the wheel and was going away from the police, but everything happened so quickly that you had no time to think. I was really worried about Stian several times during the recording.

Do not believe what he hears: This week, Atle Pettersen and Marte Bratberg take part in “Drømmehytta”. There, she tells Marty about one of her weaknesses. Video: TV 2
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On the podcast, Bleep indicates that he and the artist know each other well. So, Petersen must have been feeling guilty when Bleep pretended he ended up on the wrong track.

– I began to think like this: “Yes, now he will go to jail.” So I started making a little plan about how I was going to be able to take care of his family and make sure they were okay. It’s incredibly strange, Petersen told Dagbladet.

Naturally, he got a little angry when Blipp revealed it was all a joke:

– I think it was too bad to deceive me in this way. That said, I was very relieved and very happy when I realized that he was entertainment and bullshit – and that he was having a good time.

Incident birds: Things didn’t go as planned when Atle Pettersen had to take a jacuzzi bath on her wedding night.
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In front of Dagbladet, Blipp explains that since Pettersen is a good friend, who he knows is a fraud, little extras were needed to deceive him.

– I knew that if I was going to prank him, I would literally have to hit the gas a little bit, Blipp explains and confirms that there was a good atmosphere between them after the “prank” became known.

– We went straight ahead after the “prank” and had a fun evening together at a party. However, I still looked over my shoulder in anticipation of retaliation.

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