Stian Bleib: – He only has one chance

Stian Bleib: - He only has one chance

Former “Senkveld” presenter Satin Blip (32) Back on TV this week. On December 16, the comedy show “Spice of Life” premiered on the Amazon Prime streaming service with Blipp as the presenter.

– It’s a program that will try to recreate the belief that magic can happen when you walk out the door, because he’s gone missing recently, says the 32-year-old when he was met by Se og Hør.

In “Spice of Life”, Blipp will “prank” (act of jest, note from a journalist) Norwegian celebrities with a hidden camera.

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– I was challenged to do a “Prank Show” and I thought it was fun, but I wanted to turn it into something more. I often think “pranks” are fun, but I want love to shine through.

Bleep asserts that he therefore does not want the “point in” and “haha” style in his jokes.

– I feel like I achieved it.


Confronted with Se og Hør, Blipp can reveal that creating the program was extremely time consuming.

– It’s one thing to come up with “pranks” – this also takes time, but in reality it happens, so I had no idea what I was doing, he admits, and adds:

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If you are going to deceive someone, it is very important that they not know that they are being deceived, but you also have to be in the right place at the right time, in the right frame of mind, and when you start you only have one chance. If someone exposes the “prank”, it means they’ve wasted a week of planning. So there is a lot of work and nervousness.

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The comedian further explains that a lot of the show is thus based on unpredictability.

– You cannot test any “dumps”. If you test it on someone else – it doesn’t help, because you’ll be doing it on a completely different person making completely different choices, says Blipp, and adds:

– I love the unpredictability, the excitement of what can happen out there. If someone is put in an uncomfortable position, does he join in or withdraw, does he move to the right or left? It’s really, really fun.

– When you’re sitting there, you feel like you’re doing a live show, even if you’re recording it.

Blipp feels the concept is nerve-wracking and fascinating.

You’ve been sulking for a week, and you’re standing there too now thinking it’s make or break. You know very well in your head everything that could go wrong, so when you get over it it’s actually pretty sweet.

In the comic series, Blipp deceives celebrities who… Atl Petersen (33), Solvege Klobin (51) and Jones Joseph (30).

– I chose celebrities with whom I have a close relationship, who are good friends of mine, because I really want love to shine through. For deceived people to know that we are friends, and there is nothing wrong with that.

– It was very important to me that all those who were cheated and those who watched it had a good feeling about the program.

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On the heels

After registering, the presenter can reveal that everyone who participated was very surprised that they had actually been scammed.

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– We grew up with “prank shows”, so you think you’re not kidding, but then they fall into the trap.

However, Blipp is not sure what will happen next.

– I’m not afraid to do new things, I’m following “fun”. What happens next I have no idea and it’s gone from being super frustrating to a point where it’s totally beautiful.

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In addition to the new presenter job, several things have happened in Blipp’s private life this year.

In November, Lieutenant Colonel Candid about the fact that he hit a wall this summer.

There, he revealed that he had a severe panic attack that prompted the ambulance to take him away. Then he realized that he had been depressed for a long time.

Shortly after meeting “Lindmo”, it was also known that Blipp was ill and therefore had to The remainder of this year’s Cirque du Plebe show has been cancelled in Oslo and Bergen.

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