Stian Bleib talks about the role of a father and starting school

Stian Bleib talks about the role of a father and starting school

It was in the fall of last year when comedian and TV analyst Stian Bleib (34) appeared on “Lindmo” and spoke about a difficult time. He stretched the rubber band for too long, culminating in a “massive panic attack.”

– I found the man in my life

The showman from Bergen met the wall, and with it entered the statistics of comic profiles who did the same, including Martha Levenstad (29), Martin Bayer Olsen (43), and Junis Joseph (32).

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But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger – as the saying goes – and Bleep is back on the entertainment horse. The question now is whether he will also have to get on the reading horse as well, as he and his wife, Jamina Bleeb, 36, have children at home.

In May, the comedian appeared at the launch of new streaming service Max, where he could tell things were going well at the moment.

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Share private photos

– I have now moved from facing the wall to facing the press wall, and this is an improvement. It's going well, things are back to normal again with the 'Norse talent' and on stage, so the journey continues. He said at the time: “But it is nice to return to clowning.”

There was nothing to complain about at home either. The Blip couple have children Noel (5) and Bowie (2) together.

Father of two: Stian with his son Bowie and daughter Noelle.  Image: Instagram screenshot

Father of two: Stian with his son Bowie and daughter Noelle. Image: Instagram screenshot
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– In the fall, school begins and anything is possible. I always feel like someone who plays the role of a parent, anyway when you are about to start school. In a way, I play the guy who has a kid about to start school, and Bleep, who hasn't quite adjusted to his age, laughs.

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– I don't feel that I have grown up like a man who will have children who will start school. Overall, things are going well, but I feel a bit of an adult, admits the 34-year-old.

On the other hand, he does not hide the fact that having school children at home is a bit of a chore and that it represents a milestone as a parent.

– I'm so excited. I bought myself a pencil case and pencil case with the dinosaurs, and I'm really looking forward to it, he joked.

- It was incredibly important

– It was incredibly important

– What will it be like to help dad with homework then?

– Yes, now my father is not a distinguished academician, but perhaps I can help a lot, so that someone else can take an interest in these equations and the Pythagorean theorem.

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