Sticking to Trump: – Fears the future

Sticking to Trump: – Fears the future

The former President of the United States, Donald Trump, was part of a criminal plot to change the outcome of the presidential elections in the United States in 2020. This was established on January 6 by the final report of the commission on the storming of Congress just before Christmas.

None of what happened on January 6 would have happened without Trump, says the report.

In a recent interview, Adam Kinzinger, one of the few Republicans to vote to impeach the former president, came out and said he believes Trump will be prosecuted for his role in the attack on Congress.

– I think he will be tried. And to be honest, I think it should be, says Kinzinger in an interview with CNN.

Noticeable: Strong impressions: A video circulating on social media reportedly shows a woman being shot inside Congress, during the Jan. 6 demonstrations. Police confirmed the woman’s death, according to The Washington Post.
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“Hey, this is the bottom line.”

The report on the storming of Congress came after an 18-month investigation into the storming of Congress and the former president, and was 814 pages long.

The House investigative committee interviewed more than 1,000 witnesses, held 10 hearings and gained access to millions of documents. The report also made a number of recommendations – including that Trump should not be allowed to run for re-election.

– If he is not convicted, then I fear for the future of this country, because all future presidents can say “Hey, this is the threshold.” The threshold is to do whatever you can to maintain power, Kinzinger tells CNN.

The report concluded that the intrusion was a serious threat to democracy and endangered the lives of members of Congress. It was prepared by a nine-member committee — seven Democrats and two Republicans.

Attack on Congress: This is how the attack on the conference took place on January 6th. Video: ap

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– cause madness

Kinzinger himself was one of the two Republicans who were part of the January 6th Committee. Witnesses in the report, who include several of Trump’s closest confidants, provided insight into the former president’s behavior in the weeks leading up to Jan. 6 and how his accusations of election fraud directly affected those who attacked police and made their way to Congress.

The Republican is also pointing the finger at House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy. It is blamed on the fact that Trump still has such a huge influence on American politics.

— is the reason Donald Trump is still a worker. Kinzinger says he’s the reason why some of the madness continues in the White House, adding:

Trump should see Kevin McCarthy as his best friend, because Trump lives politically precisely because of him.

Grand: On Tuesday, February 9, the impeachment trial of Donald Trump begins, as Democrats begin showing harrowing footage of the storming of Congress. Video: AP
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You will not be silent

Another presidential election awaits in 2024 for the United States. Kinzinger told CNN that it was not his intention to run as a candidate initially, but that he still thought it would be fun to run as a challenger to Trump.

– He just stands there and lies. telling lies. People love it because it’s fun. So no, I intend not to run for re-election in 2024, but it would be fun, says Kinzinger.

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