Stig repair at Tesla denied

Stig repair at Tesla denied

Roof box problem: Stig K. Johansen and his Tesla Y with roof box attached.

An embarrassing “NAF-Benny” on behalf of Tesla:

Stig K. Johansen traveled 1,500 kilometers to Tesla’s workshop to fix the faults and shortcomings of his new car. But the Tesla Squinn refused to receive it, due to the presence of a roof box on the car.

– I am a sensible man. But the person who told me he got a crash course in using North Norwegian, says Stig K. Johansen.

He and his wife live in Andenes in Nordland, several hours’ drive from the nearest Tesla workshops in Bodø and Tromsø. So, the couple decided to book an appointment with Tesla at Skøyen in Oslo, as they were still going to Oslo for a family gathering.

They needed to perform more warranty work on the new Tesla Y, which they acquired last December.

It was called

Upon delivery in Skøyen, Johansen himself saw that the driveway leading to the car park where the car was to be parked was too low for the car and its roof box.

-But the service staff were very helpful and said they could drive the car directly to the workshop.

A few hours later, around 2:30 p.m., Johansen suddenly received a phone call.

-Then they said they couldn’t make the repairs because of the roof box and the height of the workshop hall.

On the tram

It is a standard Thule box that is easy to remove and asked if the workshop could do it. The workshop said no

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– I offered to come and take it off myself. Then they said I had to take the roof box with me. I replied that I did not see it possible to take the roof box on the tram. But I said I could sit outside the workshop and take care of the box.

However, Tesla did not want to place the roof box on its premises while the car was being repaired. The car was not repaired this Friday.

Penny Christensen

– embarrassed

– On the way down, I was called again that there was no longer time for repairs, and that I had to book a new appointment. The shop thought I had made a mistake, because I had installed what they called add-on equipment on the car.

Motor asked Tesla Norway what they thought of Johansen’s experience. Tesla did not respond.

But experienced car guy Benny Christensen reacts.

-Is it possible? Only Tesla can do this. The companion of arrogance, says Christensen.

He previously worked in several car workshops. He is now a technical advisor at the NAF, after many years as a journalist on TV 2’s “Broom”.

– I am saddened and sorry on behalf of the customer, and as a former customer recipient, I am embarrassed on behalf of Tesla.


Stig K. Johansen got a new appointment the following Monday. But the car wasn’t finished Monday either. The vehicle cannot be picked up until Tuesday afternoon.

Upon assembly, it was also found that only the water damaged camera was repaired. Other complaints were dismissed.

Johansen was shocked by the service and Tesla’s behavior. He himself took a look at the ceiling height in the workshop hall, and doesn’t understand how the ceiling box would prevent the repair.

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ANDENES-SKÖYEN: approximately 1,500 km, one way.

Andean joke: Approximately 1500 km, one way.

Later, he also speculates whether there was a reason other than the installed roof box that was actually the problem.

-I noticed that even on Tuesday it was written in my app that they are waiting for spare parts to fix the camera.

– Must be flexible

Motor asked Tesla Norway several questions about Johansen’s experience:

  • What does Tesla Norway think about this?
  • Could Tesla Skøyen have done anything differently?
  • Is it true that cars cannot have a roof box when delivered to the workshop? Should it be removed?
  • What other items may need to be removed before visiting the workshop?

Tesla did not respond.

Benny Christensen calls for understanding and flexibility from Tesla.

-Maybe someone should be sent for a training course on the importance of good customer service.

– Is it true that cars cannot have a roof box when delivered to the workshop? Should this be removed?

– I’ve never encountered this, or heard about it before. I understand that in some cases the lift height of a vehicle may be reduced when using some types of lift jacks. But then you have to solve this problem in a flexible way.

Claim compensation

Stig K was forced. Johansen and his wife had to take an additional two days off each from their jobs before they could trek 1,500 kilometers back to the Andes.

He tried to ask for some free charging from Tesla as compensation, but was flatly refused.

– When I repeated the request, I was told that it was a final decision. After that, it was no longer possible to contact Tesla on this topic. It was not possible to press “reply” in the app.

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Tesla owner in Andenes refuses to give up.

“I want to claim compensation for lost profits for two days for me and my wife,” says Johansen. He is the director of an adult education center, and his wife is a nurse.

– abnormal

Tesla also did not answer Motor’s questions about compensation.

Benny Christensen at NAF believes Tesla’s behavior is unusual.

– And thanks and praise for that. Unfortunately, we have had some member inquiries here at NAF about what I would call “deleting customer engagement”. There are a few that are repeated often. Tesla is one of them.

Unhappy Tesla owner Robin:

– Many people turn around after my car

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