December 1, 2022


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Stine Næss-Hartmann: - Rage Against the Playground:

Stine Næss-Hartmann: – Rage Against the Playground:

“Farmer” Profile and Training Implications Stein Nass-Hartman (36) She continues to share glimpses of everyday life as a mother of young children.

Not long ago, the 36-year-old was at the playground with her son Puyal (2). However, a visit to Lekeland Metro in Sandefjord prompted a fitness influencer who is now scathingly critical of the menu they offer.

– Sugar feast

After her visit to Playland, the influencer first took to Instagram, where she responded to what she believed to be an “unhealthy food offer.”

Næss-Hartmann tells Dagbladet that she looked through the menu and didn’t find anything she wanted to put on either herself or her son. She also responds that you are not allowed to take food with you and that unhealthy food is a common problem at various playgrounds.

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– I brought a lunch, I knew there would be crappy food, and then I saw a sign saying you are not allowed to bring food with you.

The influencer ate his nest – secretly.

– I think it’s hair-raising when you come to a playground with nothing healthy. The “healthiest” they had was a Cola Zero, which he explains wasn’t healthy in the first place.

Excellent answer

The influencer insists she has no problem eating sweets, but:

– At eleven o’clock on a Sunday, I’m a bit in the mood for slightly healthier alternatives, not bacon grease and chips. My two year old gets popcorn and ice cream in the summer and doesn’t know what candy is beyond that.

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He believes that unhealthy eating everywhere is part of a larger social problem. Næss-Hartman estimates she received more than a hundred messages after the mentioned Instagram post.

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– I have to speak my mind, stand up to what I think is wrong in society, and when I get so many comments from people who have been in the same situation, something is wrong. Then I think we should offer those Playland fruits.

– Are you going to go back to the playground?

– I will do that, but I will bring food with me. Then I won’t sit in a corner!, she concludes.

Dagbladet has contacted the general manager at Lekeland Metro in Sandefjord. He says he has no opinion on the matter, except that you don’t usually bring food to restaurants.

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