Stock Exchange, Stocks | Stock Market Bomb: – The worst thing I've ever seen

Stock Exchange, Stocks |  Stock Market Bomb: – The worst thing I've ever seen

A little over a month ago It has been announced The owner of the Jordanes brand must be listed on the stock exchange.

– We would not have sent a message today without concrete plans. Chairman Stig Sund said at the time: We believe market conditions are suitable for a listing now.

Jordanes is behind brand names such as Synnøve Finden, Peppes Pizza, Bodylab and Sørlandschips.

Counter message

Friday came Counter message. Jordanes drops planned stock exchange announcement.

– The Board made a decision based on clear advice from our facilitators, Sophie Orouge-Rage, press contact at Jordanes, wrote in an email to Today's business.

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It caused a reaction from many. One of them is Alfred Berg's shareholder director, Leif Eriksrud.

– I'm glad we didn't spend too much time on this. This is a little trick, where everything seems to be normal, before they suddenly pull the IPO. They think investors are fools, but they may have a good reason. Eriksrud told the newspaper that there are many unanswered questions.

– Hobby

Erik Hagerup is the head coach of Heimdall Huerente. Reacts strongly to canceled IPO.

– When a message appears that the book has been covered, everyone thinks it is “done.” It's very unprofessional, in fact it has to be the worst thing I've ever seen, he told DN.

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– Here the inspectorate must come in and make sure the books are covered, because now there is only a lot of speculation and rumours. Brokerage firms have to almost contact the inspection body and get a stamp stating that everything was done in a good way. He also says it looks like market manipulation.

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You will go through this issue

Among those who want to review what happened is Oslo Borse. They will seek clarification from the company to get an explanation as to why they are withdrawing.

– We will routinely look at what happened, says Oslo Borse's stock exchange director, Øyvind Amundsen. E24.

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On Wednesday of last week, the company announced an issue, meaning that demand for shares was greater than the number of shares that were scheduled to be issued.

– It is not often common for a quote to be withdrawn after notification of an oversubscription, Amundsen stresses.

CEO and co-founder of Jordanes, Jean Boude, is confident that the decision they have made is the right one.

Although it is unfortunate that market conditions were not as expected, the meetings with investors in this stock market listing strengthened our confidence in our long-term strategy, said CEO and co-founder of Jordanis, Jan Budd, on Friday. .

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