Stock Market Challenged by Low Oil Prices – Fridley Corporation Soars After Dividend

Stock Market Challenged by Low Oil Prices – Fridley Corporation Soars After Dividend

The decline in oil prices continues – defying the oil companies

The decline in oil prices continues on Wednesday into Thursday. Around lunchtime on Thursday, a barrel of North Sea oil drops in value Brent by 1.04 percent, to $83.12. WTI oil raw It fell 1.55 percent to $77.74 a barrel.

However, this does not lead to a negative price trend for the largest oil companies in Oslo Bor. Equinor by 1.42 percent to NOK 363.05 per share. Aker BPThe stock rose 0.39% to NOK 308.00. our energy It rose 0.80 percent to NOK 33.52 per share.

Good It was reported Thursday that the company has signed a sale and purchase agreement with DNO to enter into the license to Brasse with a 50 percent stake effective January 1, 2023. The transaction itself incurs no costs to OKEA. The aim of the partnership is to assess whether they can develop a concept for this discovery (30 million barrels of oil equivalent). Bras is located just 13 kilometers from the Brage field, which is operated by Okea. OKEA shares rose 1.02 percent to NOK 34.65 each.

other movements

electric importer It is likely to be the biggest winner today by a good margin. Odin funds traded the stock with both hands before the price was halved. Now Director Atle Hauge believes that the new trend (energy efficiency) will raise the rate to new heights. The stock rose 13.68 percent to 43.20 Norwegian crowns each.

On the other side of the scale, we found yesterday’s stock market winner, OILCO Drilling. The share price fell 5.38 percent to NOK 32.00. Norwegian Exchange– The stock fell by 12.57 percent to NOK 1.53, without any news about the company being recorded.

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sunshade It’s down 81 percent so far this year. On Thursday, the stock rose 11.86 percent to NOK 0.50 per share, without any news from the company. Hofseth Biocare rises 11.60 percent to NOK 2.79 per share, and patient cloud It increased by 10.29 percent to a share price of NOK 1.50.

Management Board Hunter group It is now proposing to pay an extraordinary dividend of NOK 1.3 billion. It is proposed to distribute profits following the sale of the last vessels in the fleet by the carrier. This corresponds to NOK 2.31 per stock.

Hunter shares rose 6.09 percent to 2.35 Norwegian crowns.

American Mosaic Cuts Potassium and Phosphate Guidance: “While demand recovery for both phosphate and potash slowed due to seasonality in late 2022, Mosaic expects 2023 to be a strong year for nutrient applications, supported by historically strong crop prices and a constructive agricultural economy,” Mosaic writes. Yara It rises 1.03 percent to NOK 432.40.

Norwegian fell 0.30 percent to 7.35 Norwegian crowns per share. On Wednesday, it was announced that Chris Brown will be stepping down as a member of the airline’s board of directors. At the same time, the company announced that CFO Hans-Jørgen Wibstad bought 25,000 shares in the company on Thursday.

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