Stolen Tesla acquitted in court

Stolen Tesla acquitted in court

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The “crime” wasn't big and it wasn't about big money either. However, a businessman from Borås in Sweden recently ended up in court, after he parked his Tesla in a private car park – and plugged it into a charger that was there.

It all started when the man took the car to Borgholm in Åland a year ago. Here he found a parking lot that also had a charging socket for an electric car. There he parked the car – and plugged it into the charger.

He met an “upset” owner.

She's Swedish We are Belgar Which tells the story, was first published by Boras newspaper.

However, the charge did not last long. After a while, the man was notified on the phone app that the matter was over. He then returned to the car and was greeted by what was described as an “angry” parking lot owner.

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When the car owner did not want to give his name, he called the police.

It ended in a report, although the Tesla owner later apologized and offered to pay the fees plus compensation. The total was 70 NOK, while the owner demanded 250 NOK.

I think all gas stations should have electric car chargers.

Now the verdict is clear

In police questioning, the Tesla owner said he was used to free charging parking lots in his hometown and thought it was the same in Åland. He admitted to parking the car incorrectly, but said he had done nothing illegal.

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During this process, the parking lot owner chose to withdraw the report, but Kalmar tingsrätt continued to look into the case, because charges had already been brought.

Now the verdict is clear: the man has been acquitted. The court stressed that the car had been parked for a short time and that its owner had offered to move it as soon as he realized it was a private parking lot.

And whether this is a proper use of court time – well, the ruling hardly says anything about that.

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