Stoltenberg at the NHO conference: – Arms are the way to peace in Ukraine

Stoltenberg at the NHO conference: – Arms are the way to peace in Ukraine

OSLO SPEKTRUM (VG) Jens Stoltenberg says Russia’s victory in Ukraine is a tragedy for Ukrainians – but also dangerous for us. In his first speech of 2023, the NATO Secretary General warned against underestimating Russia.


He spoke Thursday morning at the NHO’s annual conference in Oslo.

The NATO chief said that Norway’s military support is appreciated and noted.

He explained how NATO tried to prevent Russia from going to war in the months leading up to February 24 last year, when the country militarily attacked Ukraine.

We also have accurate and specific intelligence about the build-up of Russian forces along the border and their concrete plans. We have been sharing this information with the media and the public, he said, warning over a period of months.

We have made great political and diplomatic efforts to prevent war. Till the end. But President Putin chose to go on the offensive. When he did that, we were ready, Stoltenberg said.

Lost: Stoltenberg said Russia has shown a great willingness to suffer huge losses in order to succeed in Ukraine.

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The way to peace

The NATO chief now believes that Western military support for Ukraine is too critical for Russia to not achieve its military and political goals:

– If we want a peaceful, negotiated solution, we have to support it

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– He added that weapons are the way to peace.

– If Putin wins in Ukraine, it will be a tragedy for the Ukrainians.
But it is also dangerous for us. have him.

Work life warning: Don’t rely too much on China, Jens Stoltenberg said Thursday.

It is dangerous to underestimate it

Although Ukraine has fought territories originally occupied by Russia, Stoltenberg warns not to take it lightly so that Ukraine can win:

– He said that it was dangerous to underestimate Russia.

He noted that Russia and Putin are willing to take great risks and suffer great human losses and suffering, and that they have mobilized 200,000 new soldiers.

– said Stoltenberg, and there is no indication that Russia has changed its ambitions in Ukraine.

– Three lessons

Stoltenberg also highlighted three lessons from the Ukraine war so far:

  • NATO countries should invest more in defence
  • He warns against relying on authoritarian regimes, such as Russia and China
  • Authoritarian nations unite – so it is critical that democratic nations stand together

Not because we are always right, or we are never wrong. But because we stand for common values, Stoltenberg said.

– If we take care of NATO, Stoltenberg said, NATO will take care of all of us.


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