Stoltenberg to NATO troops: – You can be proud

Stoltenberg to NATO troops: - You can be proud

NATO leader Jens Stoltenberg arrived in Burdofos on Friday morning to visit troops participating in the cold response.

After the private flight from Brussels was stopped, Stoltenberg took a lot of time to greet the training participants.

27 NATO nations are participating in the Gold Response 2022, which runs until April.

Sympathy to US forces

After the congratulatory round with the troops, Stoltenberg spoke with the troops.

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Speaking: NATO President Jens Stoltenberg spoke unabashedly proud of the forces involved in the cold response to the NATO exercise. Photo: YVES Herman

There he used the opportunity to send his condolences on the horrific crash in Bourne where four American soldiers lost their lives in a plane crash.

– You can be proud to be a part of our strengths during this training. “You are the men and women who ensure that we are safe in an increasingly frightening and dangerous world,” Stoltenberg said.

Chinese and Russian activity increased

The NATO leader also spoke of the importance of northern Norway, especially in light of the tense situation between Russia and Ukraine.

After a speech with the troops, Stoltenberg met with reporters.

– Russia’s war against Ukraine is the new standard for Arctic and European security, says Stoltenberg.

The NATO leader also said that Russian and Chinese operations in the north had increased.

– Russia’s military structure poses a serious challenge to the stabilization and security of allies in northern Norway.

– China aims to create a presence here. For all these reasons, the North is an important part of all our allies.

Increased balance

As a result, NATO has now increased its presence in the high north.

– This tutorial is an example of this. More will be needed in the future.

Despite the fact that the Gold Response exercise was planned long before Russia’s occupation of Ukraine, Stoltenberg says it is even more important now.

– It shows the need for allies to stand together. This exercise is not intended to provoke Russia, but rather to avoid further conflict.

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