– Stop being so nice! – VG

- Stop being so nice!  - VG
Critic: The Tennis Files thinks Casper Ruud is very nice to the big stars.

One of the world’s biggest tennis podcasts is calling for a “meaner” version of Casper Rudd, 23, on the court against the biggest stars.


Last weekend Ruud lost to Novak Djokovic In the end In the ATP qualifiers in Turin, where the Serb escaped with the first two sets 7-5 and 6-3.

On The Tennis Podcast, trio Kathryn Whitaker, David Law, and Matt Roberts discuss Rudd’s performance during the final.

– I have a problem with how to enter this match’s rod against Rafael Nadal. Djokovic was applauded about three times during his first five matches, starting tennis commentator David Law the ring.

Law, who has commented on the BBC’s biggest tennis episodes for a long time, thinks Rod is too sweet with the biggest stars.

– I think: “May God win the man.” Stop being so nice to him! I know Djokovic also praises his opponents, but he’s the one with strength and stats, says Low and continues:

– Djokovic tricks him into a trap. Yes – he is also polite, but also “killer”. He will try to destroy you on the field, because that’s what the best players do.

VG has been in touch with Casper Ruud’s manager, Tina Falster. Neither Rudd himself nor father and coach Christian Rudd want to comment on the criticisms that surfaced in the podcast episode.

Discovery expert Ola Bentzen disagrees with this criticism.

– I see the point, but I disagree. Some might think this is why he didn’t make the final move in the finals, but I think it fits Casper and his personality. He should do what he feels, not what other people think. He’ll come out of it very well in the long run,” Bentzen tells VG.

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Get support: Tennis expert Ola Bentzen believes Casper Ruud should be allowed to act as he wants.

Bentzen points out that it’s more common in tennis than, say, soccer, to admit that the referee made a mistake, even if it doesn’t serve your game. In this particular area, Rod is among the fairest on the ATP Tour.

In football, your team and supporters can probably hang you, but if I were a footballer, I’d like to be the one speaking, says Bentzen.

The tennis expert says he’s never heard anyone say a negative word about Ruud, and that also applies to his team.

– Hardworking, polite and kind, that’s the impression I think he made on the fans and his fellow players. If you’re going to last long in the game, you better be nice and have good friends when you’re out and about. In the long run, I think he benefits from having good friends in the dressing room, says Bentzen.

Djokovic had a clear advantage going into the second set of the final, and Ruud struggled to make his mark.

Get out there and earn his respect. I don’t think he does, says Low.

Tennis reporter Katherine Whitaker was also unimpressed by Rudd’s athletic applause towards world star Djokovic.

– I have a lot of respect for what he’s done with his game, but: In a match like this, where there’s a clear favourite, all I want from a player in the opposite half is to show mentality. Casper Road did not, as I saw it. And the thing you mentioned about applause… I hate it.

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Critical: Tennis reporter Katherine Whitaker (second from left)

– She added that it made me want to trade him for Holger Rohn.

The 19-year-old Dane is known for his controversial behavior and intense temper on the tennis court.

– Not like him who comes out and describes the consequences.

note: Casper Ruud is currently in South America playing exhibition matches with tennis legend Rafael Nadal.


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