Stor-Elvdal – NRK Innlandet – vehemently opposes the fact that Protem Common had to give up the large farm Kammelst Stai in local news, television and radio.

Stor-Elvdal – NRK Innlandet – vehemently opposes the fact that Protem Common had to give up the large farm Kammelst Stai in local news, television and radio.

Brøttum Almenning i Innlandet NOK raised 80 million and in 2019 it attracted attention when it bought a large farm called Gammelstu Stai in Stor-Elvdal. But the Commons went berserk as the municipality and state administrator said no to the license.

The appeal was unsuccessful, and after a time on the think tank, Brutum Allmening landed this week, they give up and will not take the fight any further. So the farm will be sold.

– Sad

Kettle Koppang

Tragedy: Kettle Kopang thinks the outcome of the purchase was tragic.

Photo: Koppang Agriculture

Kettle Kopang has extensive experience as a former broker in buying and selling agricultural property. He knows the farm well in the store-elvdal. He thinks the whole thing is sad. He is ruthless when describing how the municipality handles this case.

– This is old communism put into a system.

He believes the Stor-Elvdal Municipality was created for flexible and acceptable transgender citizenship or an AS.

– But here you are riding policies for policies.

Kopang argues that both the Labor Party and the Central Party fear that they will lose control of the price of agricultural property by selling it to AS, which the licensing law allows.

He believes that municipalities should dare to operate semi-commercially for the benefit of the village.

Too bad for everyone

Kopang looks at the losers only after Protom throws in the Allmenning towel.

– If the farm and the village need something, it is a cash-strapped actor. Protam Allmenning will be the long-term owner who did not cut down the forest.

– Building mass alignment on the farm is required. Koppang says the public has achieved this.

Camelstop Stay

Buyers: The Protestant commoners now believe they can sell the big farm.

Photo: Keer Olav Slan / NRK

He does not specifically say that Protam Allning will lose money in this case.

– There are not even a few people who spend so much money and want to live far away from workplaces and suburbs. But the buyer says enough is enough.

Jan Tore Hemma, chairman of the committee at Brøttum Allmenning, said NRK has already signed up and is eager to take responsibility.

Stands alone

Mayor Evan Moyen (SP) in Store-Eleven says he and the president stand firm on this decision and believe the treatment is in line with the guidelines of the state administrator and the ministry.

The mayor hopes that Kopang will represent what he wants.

– In this case, we believe that individual rights are the best. The farm has several private shareholders. The fearless mayor says it is good for the property and the town and will not sell.

Moyan too.

Standing: Mayor Evan Moyen (SP) stands by his position and believes it is right to deny the license.

Photo: Keer Olav Slan / NRK

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

– In principle, I am against AS rights. It is important that municipalities restrict ownership to some extent. As long as we have the rules to follow, we will follow it, says Moen.

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