Stor to his German colleague: – Congratulations – VG

Stor to his German colleague: - Congratulations - VG

Jonas Gahr Store (Workers’ Party) congratulates German Social Democratic Olaf Schulz (SPD) on a strong result in the German elections: – We have inspired each other, the future Norwegian Prime Minister tells VG.


Congratulations from Norway, dear Olaf Schultz, Skriver Jonas Gahr Støre på Twitter Sunday evening. The Twitter message to the Labor leader has been translated into Norwegian, and after all signs of the sun will be Norway’s next prime minister: Warmest congratulations from Norway, dear Olaf Schultz.

According to the three German election day predictions, the SPD’s Olaf Schulz is the best candidate to take over as German chancellor after Angela Merkel (CDU). According to NTB, two election day polls show the SPD to be the largest party at 26 percent in Germany, and one shows a dead race of 25 percent each between the SPD and the CDU.

College satisfied: Labor leader Jonas Gahr Stoer believes the German Social Democrats (SPD) have made a “very good choice”.

Brilliant good choice

On Sunday night, Schulze himself said he thought he did Mandate to form a new government in Germany, based on expectations. However, nothing is certain – even CDU’s Armin Laschet said the party wants to do it All they can to lead a German government.

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When asked by VG if he was a little early in predicting the outcome of the German election, Jonas Gahr Støre acknowledged:

– No. My message was that he made a good choice anyway. I am well aware that the votes must be counted here, and can be tilted a bit, says Stor and confirms it is a good election result and a rush to congratulate him:

The Social Democrats (SPD) were 15 percent and are now between 25 and 26 percent. We hit 17 percent and we finished at 26.8 percent. It shows that when we hit properly with the election campaign, we become a formidable force.

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Take back inspiration

“I’ve called Olaf Schulz regularly in the last few days after our election, saluted him because he came from one position, and ended up looking like he was probably the biggest party and leader,” says Shop.

– What were you talking about?

– We exchanged views that there are common denominators between his electoral campaign and mine. We have taken inspiration from each other. It would be very exciting for PSD to become the leading party in Germany again.

The Labor leader points to several strong results of the European Social Democratic Parties as a positive development.

I have seen that social democratic parties have faced challenges in relation to a more divided society, as Storr says of the historically strong social democratic parties in European post-war times.

– We’ve noticed the wear and tear in terms of political responsibility, he says.

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Store acknowledges the measures Labor has taken in this year’s election campaign in other social democratic parties.

In Germany, Denmark, Norway and in countries such as Portugal and Spain, the Social Democrats have returned with a more modern institution as the party of interests of the common people, he says and lists the success factors:

– We make it clear for people to enjoy security at work, we make the economy upgrade and we have a clear climate policy while providing security in well-being and work. I think this is important.

You had a call about Explorations this weekend

Stoere highlights Germany as one of Norway’s most important partners in the European arena.

It would be exciting to have a German and a Norwegian government leader join at the same time, and I’m very much looking forward to that. Germany is Norway’s most important European partner economically, in terms of climate, technology and European development.

Despite the congratulations and optimism for the future, it is not certain what the constellation of the German government will be. Nor is it Norwegian. On Friday, Støre and Audun Lysbakken of SV and Trygve Slagsvold Vedum of Sp’s took over Weekend pause in government polls between the three parties. Store confirms that they will meet again on Monday.

– We called over the weekend by phone. We’ll meet tomorrow morning and continue to work, says Store on upcoming explorations.

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