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Christian Saarheim.

Less disabled and more disabled in part-time jobs. That was one of Erna Solberg’s ambitions in the 2013 election campaign.

But in 2018, the Prime Minister had to admit that the work was almost done.

– I’m not entirely happy with that, Solberg said when he made his best “addition contribution” and faced growth in the number of people with disabilities.

Now we can say that NRK is the cost for the disabled in this country Passes 100 billion kroner for the first time, Only in 2021. And the number of people with disabilities has doubled since 2013.

Long days

For Christian Charheim, there will be many and long days at home in an apartment in Friedrichstadt.

The 24-year-old is struggling with anxiety and is on disability benefits. Days Psychology Classes, Training and Visits to the Fontenhouset at the Workhouse Clubhouse Friedrichstad for People with Mental Challenges.

Disability Benefit: 24-year-old Christian Charheim has been battling anxiety and disability. He is also seeking more psychological help to recruit more young people with disabilities.

Photo: Ingrid Modelde Longwick / NRK

Charheim politicians have a clear message:

If they want less young people with disabilities, they should allocate more money to psychologists. Many young people are struggling because they have no place to go to heal, he tells NRK.

– If I don’t have a psychologist to go to, I have no hope of getting a job. My goal is to get a job.

The promises of politicians are enough for him.

– I do not care about the government’s commitment to hiring more young people with disabilities. They can say what they want, but I didn’t notice.

Store: Failed

Labor leader Jonas Kahar Store has been harshly critical of the government’s charitable work in recruiting more unemployed people. This does not apply to young people with disabilities.

– I believe this is a policy that has failed. So there are more disabled people in Norway today. More seriously, he tells the NRK that the number of young people under the age of 30 has doubled.

Arendalsuka 2021

Error: Labor leader Jonas Kahar Store says the government is not doing enough to get more disabled people back to work.

Photo: Ole Berg-Retirement / NTB

The store calls for better mental health care and more on-the-job training.

– Does the government point out the medical reasons for young people to become disabled?

– I think this is almost unworthy straw. Those with medical conditions are better off dying earlier and surviving. But that’s not the challenge here, the store says.

– What is the guarantee of disability of Ap?

– Putting a number is not entirely wise. But we believe we need to pay special attention to young people and reduce the number of people with disabilities, and do what we know is right.

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Mixed film

NRK figures from Norway, NOV and the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to find out if there are fewer young people in the public interest today than they were eight years ago.

One question is whether the statistics like those who are supported by the family or those who receive social assistance.

The answers are not vague:

  • The number of people with disabilities doubled from 10,446 in 2013 to 20,859 at the end of last year.
  • The total number of disabled benefits in the population increased from 305,888 in 2013 to 357,563 last year.
  • 10.7 percent of young people under the age of 30 Was out of work, academic and work-related activities In 2019. Four years ago, the corresponding share was 12.2 percent – that is, a decrease. (Non-codes: not in employment, education or training).
  • The number of work permit payments (AAP) has dropped from 142,895 in 2012 to 105,544 last year. Some declines can be explained due to the change of plan.
  • Absence of a doctor-certified disease has increased from 103,925 human years in 2012 to 115,258 last year.
  • The number of social assistance recipients increased from 120,775 in 2013 to 124,364 last year.

Christian Charheim.

Calls: Politicians need to explain how young people with disabilities get more psychologists to return to work, Christian Charheim believes.

Photo: Ingrid Modelde Longwick / NRK

Solberg: The broken trend

Prime Minister and Conservative leader Erna Solberg has a clear ambition to recruit more disabled youth.

But when the government released its own list of pride to the press before the summer, there was another focus:

  • The proportion of young people who are not at work or in education is declining
  • The share of health-related benefits has declined

Arendalsuka 2021

Disability Issues: The Prime Minister and Erna Solberg (H) should note on their watch that the number of young people with disabilities has doubled.

Photo: Ole Berg-Retirement / NTB

– Did you fix the lesson along the way?

– These are big jobs we haven’t finished. We will work harder, which is Norway’s biggest challenge.

What do you think about us spending NOK 100 billion on disability benefits this year?

– It is too much. Solberg says we have a lot of people outside of working life.

Although the amount of disability and work permit (AAP) has not increased during our government tenure, we know that many of those who come to AAP want to return to work.

Hiring more people in 2013 and reducing redundancies was a big investment for you, how do you think it went?

– Employment has increased. But I’m not happy with what we got.

Arendalsuka 2021 - TV2 PM debate

Candidate Candidates: Labor leader Jonas Kahar wants to get a job from Erna Solberg (H) after the store election.

Photo: Ole Berg-Retirement / NTB

While Solberg was working on his annual lecture on the Norwegian Economy and Arundel week, he repeated the promises from the previous two election campaigns.

One of the projects claims that there is a steady growth in the number of unemployed people. Health. “

Did you go to the polls in 2013 and 2017, a steady growth?

– This means we’re really broken a course, that’s important. This is the best starting point for moving forward and slowing down. These are long courses. Currently 25-30 year olds and those receiving disability benefits were mostly mentally ill from the age of 14-15.

Many reasons for young people with disabilities

Solberg points to a number of reasons for the increase in the number of young people with disabilities in his transition.

  • Medical Advances – Severe Health Problems of Aging.
  • Changing the rules and quick clarification.
  • More and more young people are suffering from mental illness.
  • Population growth.

Solberg now promises that if the bourgeois parties gain renewed confidence, the inclusion effort will continue.

Keywords include early intervention in the welfare system, narrowing the gaps between education, health and work, a separate innovation path on the tongue, work-related disability benefits and expanded use of functional duties.

Christian Charheim.

Job: Christian Charheim (24) hopes to get rid of his mental problems so he can work. – That’s my goal, he tells NRK.

Photo: Ingrid Modelde Longwick / NRK

More about social assistance

The Labor Party believes that the flat growth that the government is referring to, primarily due to the tightening of the AAP program, has not provided employment for more people.

Elizabeth Thorsen in the AAP campaign helps people who are losing all income due to waiting time in AAP law.

The law deprives patients of all income for at least a year. He tells NRK that the fall height is great for a family with small children who bought a house on the basis of two incomes.

Nav scandal

Criminal: Elizabeth Thoreson, head of the AAP campaign, was critical of the government’s tightening of AAP rules when dealing with the social security scandal here with Rita Elizabeth Rudilken.

Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

According to Navin, AAP austerity has led to an increase in the proportion of social assistance recipients.

– Our analysis of the new social assistance statistics shows that austerity has resulted in an additional 3,100 social assistance in 2018, Wolf Anderson, head of statistics at Nav, wrote In an article on Taxavision in 2019.

Navarre Knowledge Director Yangwar Olsholt As stated before Extending the AAP period even after four years is relatively easy.

– It is very difficult now. We see Nav following the intent in the regime change, and for some the AAP period has been extended. But we don’t see it contributing to more people coming to work, he says.

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