May 28, 2023


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Storm Irwin: - 61 people fell snow in the bar

Storm Irwin: – 61 people fell snow in the bar

Since Friday, 61 pub-goers have been trapped at the Tan Hill Inn in the remote Yorkshire Dales in northern England.

It’s reports Sky News.

Blizzard “Arwen” lashes northern England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

It was this weekend 55,000 families in the north of England are without electricityAnd along the M62, which runs between Liverpool in the northwest and Hull in the northeast, 120 trucks stopped at one point.

The massive amounts of snow have blocked power lines around the pub, which at 527 meters above sea level is the highest pub in England.

Bar-goers have a hard time getting anywhere – but that doesn’t seem to matter to them.

Elevation: At 527 meters above sea level, the Tan Hill Inn is the highest pub in England. Photo: Tan Hill In
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Enjoying the wine

An auxiliary squad managed to get a person out of the pub on Friday due to his health, while a small group managed to leave the pub in an off-road vehicle.

The rest remains.

– Nobody is getting anywhere now, general manager of the pub, Nicola Townen, tells the website.

This takes pub-goers, who have enjoyed a pub quiz and a free buffet for three days, with a sigh of relief.

Sleeping Over: Bar-goers sleep on the floors around the bar.  Photo: Tan Hill In

Sleeping Over: Bar-goers sleep on the floors around the bar. Photo: Tan Hill In
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Karaoke and greeting band

Townend says the snow in some places in the area is close to three meters deep, and everyone in the pub has been asked to stay put.

Since Friday, the snow-covered gang, among other things, has gathered around a large screen and watched a movie while sipping a beer.

The tribute band Nawasis was on stage as well, and pub-goers sang on Sunday to their heart’s content.

– Yesterday they sang karaoke, and even Nawassi performed some vocals, says pub owner Mike Kinney. Yorkshire Post.

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– All are good

On Sunday, the pub hosted a Best Snow Dressed Contest, followed by cocoa and wine drinking.

A skating competition was also organized outside the pub.

Townsend says the pub has plenty of food and drink, and that everyone got to know each other very well.

– We keep the stoves running. She says everyone is fine and warm.

Greeting the guests

employment Facebook social networking site The pub posted photos from the pub, where you see guests sleeping under the blankets.

Our guests have been very nice. We couldn’t ask for better. She says they were really patient and understanding.

The innkeeper says the snow-covered guests say they don’t want to go when it’s safe again.

Some don’t want to go. People store each other’s phone numbers and agree to come back next year, hoping it snows too, he says.

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