Storms in central and northern Norway:

Storms in central and northern Norway:

Until Saturday afternoon, the Meteorological Agency expects strong winds inland in both Møre and Romsdal, Trøndelag, Nordland, Troms and Finnmark. The worst conditions are expected in the last three regions where winds are expected to reach 35 meters per second.

However, it looks like it will be windy on Friday afternoon and evening in parts of Trams and parts of Finnmark. Inland areas of Møre and Romsdal, inland areas of Trøndelag and parts of Nordland, strong winds are expected on Saturday night and into Saturday afternoon.

Geir Ottar Fagerlid, a meteorologist at the Meteorological Center, warned that the storm would affect both private and public transport. This includes boats, planes and other forms of transportation.

Fagerlid tells Talkbladet that the wind blows at 35 meters per second several times every winter in Norway.

– but it will feel better for road users in exposed areas. Very strong wind blowing. Also, Fagerlid tells Talkblade that there will be terrible conditions on the mountain in areas where it storms.

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Hazard warnings

– How great is the risk of passengers being harmed?

– Snowflake can lead to reduced visibility and the closure of both mountain roads and bridges. As a result, it’s wise to factor in extra travel time, as such storms can affect both boats, planes and other public transportation, the meteorologist says and continues:

– It’s hard to say where the storm will hit hardest, but all of northern Norway will feel it, some places worse than others.

– We hope for calm weather in the New Year, but there are always storms somewhere.

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IN Yellow warning signs People are encouraged to secure loose items and avoid unnecessary traffic in exposed areas as the Met Office sends out areas. Also, it has been warned that if the trees come in contact with the power line, the power supply will be affected.

– Always a risk

On Thursday afternoon, Widerøe Airlines was prevented from landing its planes at three airports in Finnmark due to the storm. When Dagbladet spoke to him on Thursday evening, Communications Director Silje Brandvoll admitted that the weather in northern Norway was high. He also indicated that the storm could move into the Lofoten region.

– Does it risk affecting Widerøe flights in the area?

– There is always a risk that our flights will be affected when the weather turns bad. But as long as the weather is within our limits, we will try to keep our flights on schedule as we usually do. However, we are prepared that air traffic may be disrupted when such bad weather is announced, Brandvoll told Dagbladet.

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