January 27, 2023


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Storms in Norway: – Police warning after accident

Large parts of Norway will be affected on Friday. As a result, a yellow warning of strong winds has been issued for both parts of Finnmark, the inland areas of Møre and Romsdal and the inland areas of Trøndelag. Also, strong winds are expected in parts of Nordland overnight into Saturday.

A yellow warning for rain has been issued for parts of Rogaland and Hortaland, and a yellow warning for flooding has been issued for Rogaland and western parts of Aktor.

Traffic Confusion: Traffic cameras have captured more than 1,500 accidents and skids in the snow in the United States. Video: Twitter/@SafetyAlertsMN
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As of Friday afternoon, police have already reported incidents caused by the storm.

At 15.06 The Sørvest Police District was notified that the trailer of a lorry had overturned a passenger car at Pamlabrøva in Stort, Vestland. This was due to strong winds blowing over the bridge. According to the police, the lorry driver escaped unhurt and the car driver suffered chest pain. This bridge is closed for long days.

– Sørvest Police Department writes that the police ask pedestrians to stay away from the bridge due to strong winds.

At 15.18 hrs The West Police District was called to reports of a lorry overturned in the boat canal at Rosendal in the Gwynedd municipality of Westland. This is the result of a strong wind blowing the hull of the boat. Police said two people were in the car and suffered minor injuries. Ferjekaya is now closed as a result of the accident.

At 16.17 hrs The police district of Finnmark was informed of a semi-trailer driving the E6 in Borsanger. No injuries were reported and traffic is moving as usual. However, police warn that the spot is very slippery.

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At 16.25 hrs The Troms Police District reports that four vehicles were involved in a chain collision in Tromsø. The accident occurred when the car collided with the parking lot and caused only material damage.

At 16.31 hrs Vektrafixcentralen reports that National Highway 7 in Hartangervitae West is closed due to the storm. A new evaluation will be done on Saturday at 12 noon.

Hartangervitae: Highway 7 is closed above Hartangervitae. 17.24 from Leero here. Photo: Norwegian Road Administration
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At 17.02 The Agder Police District reports that three cars and several people were involved in a traffic accident on county road 3788 in Åseral in Agder. The accident caused only material damage but brought traffic to a standstill in both directions.

At 17.05 hrs Vegtrafikksentralen West reports that it is very slippery along the stretch of road between Kløvet and Røldal on the E134. “Drive carefully and be attentive!” They encourage.

At 17.16 hrs Vegtrafikksentralen west reports that it will introduce queuing for everyone on National Highway 52 on Hemsedalsfjellet from 6 p.m.

Covered mountain passes

In addition to National Road 7 in Hartangervita, the following mountain passes and weather-exposed roads are closed. Overview of National Road Administration 16.55:

  • E69 Skarsvåg – North Cape
  • E69 Skipsfjordhøyda – Skarsvåg
  • Fv. 50 Hole – Orland
  • Fv. 98 Ifjordfjellet
  • Fv. 888 Bekkarfjord – Hopseidet
  • Fv. 8038 Gjesværveien
  • Rev. 13 Wickafjellet