Stowner – NRK Oslo and Wigen – Two stabbed in local news, television and radio

Politi på Stovner

Both the ambulance and the police are in town, and two people are being taken care of after being stabbed with a sharp object.

We have a large area barrier. Two of the injured have been found outside the apartment. Says Thomas Proberg, the city’s operations manager.

Active Application: So far the police have no control over any offenders.

Photo: Live Mary Hagen Vault / NRK

Do not control the culprit

The culprit is not currently under police control.

– There is an active search, says Broberg.

We think we can talk about more criminals.

The police should otherwise have control over the indicated object and the surrounding area and consider the situation safe for others

Severe injuries

The victims were men between the ages of 18 and 20. Broberg can confirm that the injuries are serious. One is taken to the hospital and the other is taken to the emergency department.


Control: The police must have an overview of the witness and the sharp object.

Photo: Simon Solheim / NRK

Operations chief Sven Christian Lee said they were ahead of the NRK tonight Gather information from witnesses at the scene and look for criminals or individuals in the area.

Lai said he was investigating whether one of the injured may have stabbed the other, but checked this out. Are currently searching for those who did this.

Otherwise, they could not determine what led to the incident.

We will have to spend some more time on it before we go out of it, the operations leader insists.

Police in Stowner

Investigator: The police have not yet found out the cause of the incident.

Photo: Simon Solheim / NRK

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