February 4, 2023


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Strange scenes after the World Cup Final are being investigated

Coinciding with Argentina’s celebration of gold in the World Cup at Lusail Stadium, Qatar, strange scenes unfolded.

Because among the cheerful Argentines, the Internet phenomenon “Salt Bae” suddenly appeared.

Videos on social media show Nusret Goekce, as he is actually called, communicating with Messi on the pitch and appearing to be rebuffed.

Other videos show Goekce persistent, pushing forward to get a moment on camera with the WC trophy – which he eventually succeeds in doing.

FIFA now confirms that they are looking into the matter.

– Following a review by FIFA, it has been ascertained how individuals incorrectly accessed the pitch after the closing ceremony at Lusail Stadium on December 18. The necessary actions will be carried out, as stated in a press release, reproduced before Sky Sports.

FIFA indicates that only World Cup winners and heads of state are allowed to touch the trophy during the Closing Ceremony.

“Salt Bae” has 50 million followers on Instagram and has made a name for himself by posting videos of himself serving meat to celebrities and salting food in his own way.

Gianni Infantino recently followed 303 accounts on Instagram. After the World Cup final, he dropped to 302 after following the Turkish celebrity on Instagram.

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