June 8, 2023


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Because while Lillestrøm was frantically looking for a cut in the final minutes, Brann’s midfield strategist spent a lot of time on the ground with what looked like a sore foot.

The match was stopped, the clock ticked and on the live broadcast you could see that the LSK coach, Ger Buck, lunged at the fourth official.

– I was desperate

Lillestrøm striker Thomas Lehne Olsen believed that Brann deservedly became cup champions, but was not surprised that the opponents spent some time on the bench.

Frustrating: Thomas Lyn Olsen has made no secret of the fact that he does not like losing a cup final to Brann.

Photo: Fredrik Varfjell/NTB

– No, sv is sv. I don’t even bother to bring it up.

– sv is sv. what are you thinking

– No, sv is sv. Seifert is very sweet off the field, says Lynn Olsen, but strange on the field.

Heltne Nilsen gave Lehne Olsen some justice in the striker’s trial, but it was the pain that caused him to go down, according to captain Brann.

– No, it wasn’t a muscle spasm, it was the stamp I had. Lin has a point. I was afraid of losing it. We tried to slow down. It was a conscious choice, Heltne Nielsen tells NRK.

– I was desperate to take the cup home with a score of 2-0. I didn’t feel safe for a second.

But the captain points out that the situation in extra time was due to pain.

– Do you give LSK the right to drag it a little there?

– No, because I was in pain. It wasn’t going to slow down, says Heltne Nielsen, and points out that it was stamped a few minutes ago.

Teammate provides support to the opponent

Fiery full-back Robin Christiansen was in great spirits after the cup win. So much so that he actually saw no need to turn his back on his teammate:

– I totally agree with Lehne Olsen, Christiansen tells NRK – and continues:

– We were very sure that nothing had happened to Syifert there. Lynn Olsen is absolutely right.

LSK coach Ger Buck confirmed that Brann was the best team.

– We lost to a team that was better than us today, and there are different ways to reach the goal when you run a football match. That’s what they’re good at, too, Buck says.

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