– Stress of course – V.G

- Stress of course - V.G
Overturned: A Cyan car is in a ditch after a collision on Friday night.

Both the driver and passenger who drove the car with SIAN president Lars Thorsen on Saturday afternoon have been arrested and charged.

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In the video shot inside the car of the two accused, phrases are exchanged in another language. The passenger swears loudly.

– Move.

– Beat them.

– Vote.

It shows VG’s translation through a language exchange before the two women’s car drives into a military-style car that ends up on the roof.

Watch video of the play at E6 at Mortensrud:

It’s the passengers who talk the most, she’s the one who votes.

SIAN president Lars Thorsen and four others were in the car that came on the roof. No one was seriously injured, but police said they are investigating.As a serious incident».

The female driver has been charged with causing grievous bodily harm, and the passenger was also arrested on Sunday and charged with accessory to grievous bodily harm. She is yet to be questioned. to do Dagbladet Police prosecutor As Shortum-Hansen says none of the women have pleaded guilty to criminal charges.

The passenger’s defense attorney, Ole Peter Trevland, says he has spoken to his client and he gave a statement to police on Saturday.

– This is definitely a special situation, and there is a lot of fuss. It is, of course, stressful.

Shortly before the clash, SIAN members set fire to a Koran at the Mortensrud intersection in Oslo. The video shows more people arriving at the venue and a great atmosphere before the Xi’an leader and his entourage drive away.

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Police also believe that this may be the reason behind the clash Xian president Lars Thorsen has confirmed.

Viji spoke to the woman passenger only after the collision on Saturday afternoon.

– They first smashed our car and sprayed it. We retreated to defend ourselves. Then she said their car rolled over.

Damage to car: This car was involved in an incident with the SIAN leader at E6.

The woman also said that after Zion members set a burning version of the Koran on fire in Mortensrut, it was extinguished as a video from the scene also shows.

– I put out the fire with my hand. No one else dared. All the Muslims are with me when I put out the fire.

The SIAN chief confirmed to Viji on Saturday that there was a person in the car He sprayed the window of the car that was following them with protective spray.

The police have said that they are conducting a detailed investigation in this regard and are investigating whether there are various incidents related to the collision incident.

– We are investigating what happened. We conduct investigations and watch video content, among others. Police prosecutor As Shortum-Hansen says that for investigative reasons, we cannot provide more information about the case.

Police continue to evaluate any measures taken to protect the safety of those involved. Among other things, the police conduct security interviews.

Burned: Siyaan members set fire to Qurans at several places in the capital on Saturday.

They will not explain

So far, VG has not been able to contact the guardian of the driver, who is accused of causing grievous bodily harm.

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Shortum-Hansen says the woman gave a statement on the spot, but didn’t want to investigate further just yet.

He further writes that it may be appropriate to extend the payment, but it is too early to say anything about it at this time.

When asked about the safety of the accused and the SIAN president and other members, Schartum-Hansen writes:

– The police are constantly evaluating any actions related to the safety of those involved.

Advocate John Christian Elton was the assistant attorney for the five occupants of the Cheon car.

– It’s starting to get warmer in Oslo. Freedom of expression on all sides needs space, it is a basic democratic human right. Now the case seems to be going well with the victims and it is too early to conclude anything, but in any case the police should give priority to attacks on democratic principles, he writes to VG.

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