Strike, by Carianne Tung | Strike: Carianne Dung wants it to end

Strike, by Carianne Tung |  Strike: Carianne Dung wants it to end

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Academics State and Unio State visited on Friday to strike After mediation does not lead. Starting Monday, more than 3,000 members may go on strike. Among other things, the strike could affect exams at universities and the possibility of getting a new passport.

So the conflict is completely deadlocked, and The national mediator is Mats Ruland He had already said before the split that this was one of the most difficult negotiations he had ever been involved in.

So the strike came as no surprise.

The big question is that the organizations involved in the strike and the governments on both sides are completely adamant about the collective agreement, which will bring the conflict to a complete standstill.

Since 2016, academics have had their own Partnership Agreement with State. Two years ago, Uni State announced a change to this collective agreement.

So, to summarize, in recent years two pay zones have been in place between employee organizations and the government. Educators and Unio had their agreement, while LO and YS had their agreement.

The main issue in this strike is whether this dichotomy between unions in the state will continue.

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Different interests

This is what the state government through Digitization and Governance Minister Karianne Tung now wants to end.

– For us, there are two important factors: Equal pay for equal work, regardless of where you are organized. So it's about a collective agreement. The second, Tung said, is to have a solution that is completely consistent with the front-line structure, and people should get better advice and get a raise for everyone. Free trade union movement.

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Unio and academics don't see it that way. They are concerned that the interests of academic groups should be protected, and broader organizations like LO and YS are not concerned about this.

The distribution between central and local salary supplements is also a dimension here. While the LO has as many central salary supplements as possible to meet the lowest wage groups, the Unio and AcademiKern have local negotiations that benefit their members more.

There are differences of opinion among various unions because they represent different groups of members.

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An order from LO?

The close connection between LO and the Labor Party is seen as the most powerful alliance in Norwegian social life.

Relations are strained, and it can be hoped that negotiations have taken place here before the talks between the parties began.

However, Kari D., president of the Akademikerne Stadt. Nordly thinks so.

– Since they adopted their income policy document in February there has been a clear directive from LO that they need to withdraw a contract, which is incredibly important to LO, says Nordli. Free trade union movement.

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Weakens freedom of association

When this conflict appears, the government's overriding of other organizations in favor of the LO is at the center of the controversy.

Arguments like equal pay for equal work and protecting the precedent model sound inherently good, but at the same time there are many different interests needed to get there.

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Equal pay for equal work ultimately means that no differences in education or skill should be associated with pay. With such a mindset, it's no wonder expertise is flying out of the public sector.

Freedom of organization is a very important part of democracy. Different individuals and groups of individuals have different interests and rarely stand alone. This is not least in working life. That's why it's so important to organize yourself so that interests are heard and have a chance to reach out. Democracy is a contest between interests that must be heard.

If this competition is to be fair, there must be a level playing field for all. If some are given advantages and become more powerful, others are violated.

This is precisely what is questionable about the state's behavior in this conflict. LO gets its way, deals here are done in advance in the back room.

There are various terms of competition between the organizations, where one has the favor of the government and the others have to stand with their hats in their hands.

For Unios and educators, Signal: Is membership here worth it?

Yes, if so. Freedom of association remains after this strike. Minister Karianne Tung contributes to weakening it.

Does she and the government especially want freedom of association?

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