Strom, Jonas Kahr Store | Norway provides more than NOK 1 billion to protect electricity supply in Ukraine

Strom, Jonas Kahr Store |  Norway provides more than NOK 1 billion to protect electricity supply in Ukraine

This is what Prime Minister Jonas Karstor (Ap) tells NTB. Ukraine is consulting with the leaders of 92 countries at an international summit in Switzerland this weekend on a future path to peace with Russia.

– Much attention is paid to support for Ukraine's military security efforts, but an important part of the Nansen package is to support civilian objectives. Storr tells NTB that Norway has good expertise in repairing the destruction of electricity supply in Ukraine.

He says renovations can begin quickly before winter sets in.

Food sectors

It has already been clarified that part of the amount – NOK 120 million – will be paid by the UN Development Program and used to repair power supplies in the Kharkiv region.

The area has been particularly hard hit by Russian attacks over the past few months. That is why priority is given to electrification of maternity and surgical departments of seven hospitals in the Kharkiv region.

– In some cases, access to electricity can be the difference between life and death, says Storr.

So solar panels will be installed in seven hospitals to ensure power supply to the wards.

Half destroyed

According to estimates received by the Norwegian government, more than half of Ukraine's electricity production has been destroyed. As part of its strategy to win the war, Russia has systematically bombed power plants and other critical infrastructure.

Last year, Norway provided NOK 1.9 billion to the energy sector in Ukraine.

The latest Norwegian contribution joins increased support from the Americans, which was announced on Saturday.

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US Vice President Kamela Harris, representing the US at the Ukraine summit, announced $1.5 billion in support to strengthen Ukraine's energy sector.

Some of this is previously promised funds that are now being diverted to energy purposes, but at least $500 million must be new funding.

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