Strom, Surfsburg Center | Several thousand people lost electricity last night

Strom, Surfsburg Center |  Several thousand people lost electricity last night

Large areas of Surfsborg city center were plunged into darkness last night and nearly 4,000 customers were without electricity. The power outage occurred again Wednesday morning.

At 08:47 a.m. Wednesday, a new power outage was discovered in the city center, affecting nine customers. There is a power outage in the center of Surfborg, especially in the apartment complex Gulas Terrace.

– The power outage is known, and teams are working to find and fix the bug, Elvia says on its website.

The cause of the power outage is not yet known to Elvia, but Morton Shaw, communications manager at Elvia, says there are currently staff there.

– Telia has a mobile point there and has told us they have no electricity, Shaw tells Charpsburg ArbiterPlot.

Updating SA Case …

The power went out last night

Tuesday at 23.49 3,961 subscribers lost access to electricity. By then, much of the city center was plunged into darkness and homes could not turn on the lights and electric heating.

Neighboring areas such as Westeng, Alwim, Sandesund and Huffslundsoy were also affected by the power outage.

– This is also one of the smoked insulators. Happened at 23.49 and the last customer got electricity at 01.08. Morten Schau says 3,961 customers have been affected.

Groups are now engaged in the task of modifying the components. He explains that the smoke was from a technical area inside the St. Holward transformer station in Surfborg.

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Several thousand surfings without electricity tonight

Frequent power outages in Østfold

டுகிறதுstfold Power outages are more frequent than anywhere else in the country – Elvia says on its website for a number of reasons.

Grid explains that in Østfold there are many wires above the ground, in contrast, for example in Oslo, the cables are located on the ground. With lines above ground, the lines are more exposed to strong winds and storms.

– In addition, the network at Østfold has been owned by several network companies for many years, and there are many indications that not everyone is performing equally when maintaining electrical connections, Elvia writes.

Eastern Norway has more frequent lightning strikes than other parts of the country because Eastern Norway attracts more thunder and lightning, for example, than northern Norway.

Old web

Another reason is that some places in Østfold are also characterized by the old network.

– Elvia writes that it is especially in these areas that you are exposed to electricity more often than others.

They also say that work is underway to strengthen the regional power structure in Østfold.

In recent years, this part of the country has seen significant population growth and increased business activity in the cities of Mass, Surfsburg, Friedrichstad and Halton. Therefore, new and reinforced electrical connections are now being built to ensure a stable power supply. This work will be completed in 2021. But there are still many areas in Østfold, especially in some parts of Indre Østfold where people are struggling with unstable electricity and frequent power outages, the network company writes.

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Elvia serves about 2 million customers in Viken, Innlandet and Oslo. The company became January 1, 2020, when the two network companies, Huffsland Net and Etziva Net, merged.

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The government opens to fix the power package

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