Strømsgodset, Football | Will you be aggressive against the Vikings: – We are ready

Strømsgodset, Football |  Will you be aggressive against the Vikings: – We are ready

Drammen: – We’re ready for what’s to come. It became a “bet” in Stavanger, they were really good at creating an atmosphere around their matches. We are very much looking forward to that. Jørgen Isnes says it’s a match where we have to be aggressive in our minds about bringing something home from there.

He has been poor on points so far in the season. After a good start against Aalesund at home (1-0), there have been three straight losses. The coach believes that there were periods of good play against Lillestrøm, and that SIF certainly should have learned something from the Tromsø game. However, HamKam was far too bad.

Now there are two tough games on the way. The Vikings have had a good start to this year’s series and are currently in fifth place. Molde picked up his first win of the year on Wednesday against Aalesund, but his SIF team struggled to perform against him in the City of Roses.

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thrips attack

Essence says they want to get married in the final third, and this week they put a special focus on that. Attacking players should have an analytical meeting with the coaches before the match to look specifically at the moves and the type of space they create for each other. Essence says he stops a little too often.

– Creating space and movement is one thing, but maybe you should have more people who can challenge with the ball and get past opponents themselves?

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– Gulliksen in particular is good at it, and we also have a couple of other people who are good at it as well. But it’s also about encouraging people to challenge themselves in appropriate situations, and it’s also a bit more about self-confidence. We had players who went straight into training matches, but then things got a little mixed up in this series, according to Essence.

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Junior trains regularly with the A team

Haldor Steiniewiec has been sidelined so far this season but took part in a training session on Thursday. Essence reports that the winger is on his way back, but it is too early to say whether he will play on Sunday – and the same applies to Thomas Grogard.

Ari Lefson did alternate training on Thursday and he’s not sure. Ernst Boahen is ineligible for the match, and Fabian Holst-Larsen has injured his ankle, which he injured in a training camp in Spain.

On the other hand, the training ground was very densely populated on Thursday and there were especially many emerging players. It’s better to be able to play two full teams against each other, says Essence.

Marco Varghi (19) is training regularly with the first team now, the coach can tell.

– He’s been good in recruitment matches I’ve seen, he can create something, and he’s “going on goal a bit” with individual skills, says Essens.

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