Strong Against RBK Deals: – As poisonous as a glass jellyfish

Strong Against RBK Deals: – As poisonous as a glass jellyfish
Frustrating: Rosenborg striker Kristall Engasson played 25 minutes against Brann i Berg on Monday. There he is in the press area next to coach Kegetil Rekdal.

BERGEN (VG) After a poor start to the league matches this year, it is not dear mother to be the Rosenborg striker. Four men who have played up front this season were either on the bench or at home when Tronders took on Brann on Monday.


Rosenborg coach Kjetil Rykdal chose against Brann on Monday night to start with Carlo Hulse as one of two forwards.

The Dane, who “trained a bit with the team” after nearly four weeks on the sidelines following appendicitis surgery, got a shot at a duo with 16-year-old Safir Nepean.

Both – according to Reckdahl – are mainly midfielders.

What does that say about the tips you picked up this winter?

It is important to seize the opportunity when you get it. It’s not like they haven’t had a chance to try. But Reykdal told VG it’s not a criticism of them.

Substituted: Jaden Nilsson, here with coach Ketil Reykdal, got ten minutes on the field against Brann in Bergen on Monday.

Crystal Engasson sat on the bench. So did Finnish Agon Sadiko and Canadian Jaden Nelson.

In his house in Trondheim sat Oscar Aga – he came out of the combat squad.

The last three were brought in in the winter of 2023. Icelandic Isak Thorvaldsson is the fifth attacking player to be brought in in less than a year. He is currently infected.

In total, the new signings have one goal (Crystal Engasson vs Bodø/Glimt) this season.

Jesper Mathisen sighs when he asks VG his thoughts on buying the Rosenborg player.

The tips were as venomous as glass jellyfish, he says.

The TV 2 expert thinks the cues up front look like full disc arms.

Huge disappointment. One thing is that they don’t score that many goals, but they don’t look dangerous either. He asserts that Rosenborg was completely wrong in what was received.

Clear speech: From TV 2 expert Jesper Mathisen.

Mathisen calls the fact that neither Engasson, Sadiko, Nilsson or Agha was found good enough to start a “clear signal from Kjetil Rekdal”.

They don’t have the quality I thought they had when they were brought in. Hulse and Neban are among Ryckdal’s best, but they are not strikers. Then the situation is dire. There is a group of players who are from somewhere other than where Rosenborg should be.

The aforementioned trio got a chance in the cup match against fourth-division side Trigg/Lead last week. Rosenborg’s win was only 1-0 and he described the performance as “embarrassing”.

When asked if it was that match that caused him to have enough, Rekdal answered as follows:

– would be speculative. We will continue to work on developing it. Oscar is not with us as we are traveling with 18 guys away from home. Then someone had to stay home. I did not rate them out of the team. But now we choose another solution, says Rekdal.

– What do you think they think themselves?

– We even have a good dialogue with them. They receive follow-up. They will get to the track in time.

– But there are guys who came to a big club, big pressure, big expectations and they couldn’t live up to that, neither us (in the sports staff) nor them. Maybe it’s good to get out of it for a while, Rekdal says, and then come back with more confidence when you’ve trained well on the field and had some good experiences.

When VG asked Kristall Ingason how he felt Nepean and Hulse were preferable to him, the Icelander replied as follows:

– I was disappointed, of course. I always want to start. But Carlo is a good player who can play in attack and midfield.


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