Strong warning: – can not stop

Strong warning: - can not stop

The Ukrainian opposition has become tougher than expected to Vladimir Putin and Russian soldiers. Three months into the war in Ukraine, Russia suffered heavy losses – the major Russian victories were lost.

You put pressure on the Russian president.

Putin is now standing in a place where he cannot stop. He can’t retire now – he has to get something out of it. Therefore, we must be prepared that he will do everything in his power to achieve something that can save him, says Flemming Splidsboel Hansen, senior researcher at the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS), in order to The major Danish newspaper BT.

– Serious consequences

there was Proceedings in Berlingske The senior researcher initially issued a warning about the Russian president, who claims that he is in the process of extremism between himself and Russia as a result of the pressures he is facing.

The extremist Putin will become more repressive, biased, and even more threatening in his confrontation with the West. He claims that it could have dire consequences.

In addition to having dire consequences for the security situation in the world, it is also likely to make it more difficult for people in their home country. The Senior Scholar highlights those who do not actively support the President.

attacks: A video posted on Twitter by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry shows Russia’s use of thermobaric bombs, known as “weapon of terror”. Video: @defenceu/Twitter
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– We already see that there are many senior Russian politicians standing in line to honor him on social media, he says,

In addition, the Kremlin is said to debate daily whether to reintroduce the death penalty, among other things to deter and punish so-called traitors who do not support the Russian regime, the senior researcher claims. The media is also likely to be subject to strict censorship.

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You will weaken him

In the past three months, the West has imposed severe sanctions on Russia, while sending massive amounts of weapons and military aid to Ukraine – all to put pressure on the Kremlin.

This contributes to pushing it toward extremes, according to Splidsboel Hansen.

All this helps to radicalize him, but also helps to weaken him. So it is very difficult, because if we do nothing, it will probably not be completely extreme, but in return it will be strengthened, as he wrote in the article.

We must realize that the more we push, the more radical it becomes. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep pushing – on the contrary, I think we should, he said.

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