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Oda Brevik føler seg alene på skolen

– I am very sensitive. Oda Breivik says that when I sit at school, crying is stressful and all I want is to go home again.

Have you ever felt that when you are sitting alone in your room, everyone around you is having fun with other people?

Or are you sitting at school, surrounded by many people, but still feeling completely alone?

Oda felt this, and she still feels it. Often.

More than 24,400 students, about 41 percent, answered that they had few or no friends in a recent student survey.

Oda Breivik struggles with anxiety. She thinks it’s hard to get along with new people and she’s realized that since she moved to a new place.

Photo: Remy Sagen / NRK

New place, unknown people

Three days before her studies were to begin, she moved from the safety of Loken Werk in Trøndelag to the unfamiliar Molte to begin her nursing studies.

The bags were packed and the family got into the car. Oda was looking forward to feeling a sense of freedom and challenging herself to meet new people.

But the beginning did not go as she wished.

– There was a lot of laughter. I called my mother crying the whole time. I was a little scared that I was here and didn’t know anyone.

There were many impressions and she felt a sense of not being herself. That led to her becoming less involved with Fatteruga.

– I had a chance to participate, but I couldn’t. I was just in school.

Oda Brevik feels alone at school
Photo: Remy Sagen / NRK

Alone, surrounded by people

Almost two months had passed since his studies had begun, and Oda was still not fully settled. She feels lonely at school and at leisure.

– I found mine sitting at school. But I often sit there, a conversation going on around me, but I still feel left out.

About two weeks ago, they had an exercise at school where they had to find a fellow student and share personal things. Then she said, I thought coming to a new city was difficult.

– Then they also had their say. I realized that we can all feel the same way. Everyone has something they struggle with.

Are you feeling lonely?

Johann Refseth

Johanne Refseth, the psychologist behind the account, believes what many young people are saying.

Photo: Private

– Many people who identify themselves

Psychologist Johanne Refseth, known as the person behind the account, says you can identify two types of loneliness.

Both those who have no one to be with you, but:

– You must have other people, but still do not feel part of it. It’s a painful loneliness that isn’t talked about much, but I hear a lot in the therapy room.

She also describes her studies as a time of change. You move away from home, friendships change, and you grow big.

– It is very common to experience loneliness during periods. You should take it seriously, but you should know that it’s common to feel that way.

– Oda describes many things that I think are very common, and I think there are many young people who identify with them, says Johan Refseth.

Oda Brevik records his sessions in his book to track progress.

Oda Brevik loves strength training and walking. – It’s very good for the head, and it’s good to feel strong, she says.

Photo: Remy Sagen / NRK

– Trying to make it harmless

Oda has a goal to challenge herself socially. She believes that it is not enough to thrive in a new city.

– Many people asked if I should bring something, and then I answered that it would be good, but it will stop there.

Is it because of fear?

– Yes, but I also think they say it to be good. But then I started thinking: “What if they really want to?”. So I try to make it harmless. I might find my girlfriend that way. So I will try harder, says Oda Breivik and smiles.

Oda Brevik looks out the window with a great view of Molte.

– I had a lot of negative thoughts and thought that maybe I should leave. It’s easy when it’s hard. But Oda Breivik says it’s not good to go home to stare at the wall.

Photo: Remy Sagen / NRK

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