Students react to Norof – VG lessons

Students react to Norof - VG lessons
Norof has branches in several locations in Norway. Here from Møllerparken in Oslo.

Noroff calls the teaching students receive in a math class “misteaching.” Now many are disappointed with the test results and are reacting to the school’s plan.

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Norof University College, a private college, has campuses in Oslo and Kristiansand. It was the subject of “personal mathematics” that caused trouble and conflict at school, especially in the winter and spring.

– Typical misteaching, says Nina Jones, union representative for students.

Ricardo Geneira, who was a shop assistant last year, has supported her.

They believe that the methods of work and the answers to the tasks given to them in teaching are full of errors.

Headmaster tells Viji that they cleaned up. See the answers further down in the article.

Nina Jones, store manager for Norof students.

Problem with selection

According to union representatives, the file ran after several complaints about teaching when students failed or scored poorly on last winter’s exams.

Many students demanded a refund of part of their school fees, which according to the trustees was about NOK 120,000 a year. Instead, they volunteered to take the exam again in the spring.

– Unfortunately, the school has not changed the errors in the teaching material. Students have tried their best to find materials from other providers. Some have watched videos on YouTube or purchased courses individually, Jones says.

Additional guidance hours were also set up ahead of the new exam, but these did not help much, union representatives said.

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– The teacher and the assistant who are supposed to help with guidance lessons disagree about the aspect and lack the equipment. So that didn’t help much. Many students are disappointed with their results in the exam as well. According to Jones, Fausit’s testing was also flawed.

– I waited seven weeks for the audition

Union representatives say they are also reacting to the fact that students have had to wait seven weeks for exam results since June 10.

Ricardo Genera, shop steward for Norof students last year.

– We believe this is against the Education Act. Students should usually receive answers after three weeks. Here, students are notified just before they start their studies, says Ricardo Genera.

Among those who failed in the second attempt, five did not advance to the second year.

– Since the announcement is so late, it creates a particular challenge in terms of planning for the new year.

The Headmaster has taken action

Noroff, Rector at Beit Dew, says they have taken action:

– We came to know that there were some errors in the teaching materials and immediately implemented measures to correct them. We have also arranged additional coaching hours for those students who prefer it. According to Dew, 83 percent of students passed the test in the individual subject, “Individual Mathematics.”

Those who wish to improve their exam results or take a repeat exam are given the opportunity to do so, he says.

– 15 students chose to use it, and 10 of them passed the test, Dew says.

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The school apologizes

– We deeply regret that some students felt our actions were inadequate. Already since January, new teaching staff has been recruited. With feedback and experience from the previous round, it’s sorted. We are working closely with the student union representatives and look forward to continued good cooperation, says Dew.

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Noroff disclosed sensitive personal information online: – unpleasant and nasty

Messages between staff and students at Norof College were openly available online.

When VG was asked about the blunder in the spring exam, he replied:

– There was a typographical error in the exam in one question. The question was removed from censorship and no one was harmed.

Asked why the audit took seven weeks, he replied:

– We have a new teacher on the course who, in consultation with us, has chosen to spend some extra time on revision, prioritizing the quality of the work. So, more time has passed than usual with us.

– Students say that the problems have been going on for years?

– After last year’s course I took over as headmaster and I am responsible for the activities that were put in and cleaned up, we have cleaned up what was pointed out as soon as it became clear to us.

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