Study scale reveals necessary improvements in nursing education

Study scale reveals necessary improvements in nursing education

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The study scale shows that nursing students are dissatisfied. The Norwegian Nurses Association encourages universities and colleges to exploit their potential, listen to comments and respond to accusations.

STUDENT LEADER IN STUDY MEASURE: – Although there is reason for optimism overall, nursing education remains at the bottom when it comes to satisfaction, the historian wrote.

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Today the study scale was 2023 Launched. Nokut conducts the annual survey on behalf of the Ministry of Education. The Study Barometer is the largest student survey in Norway, and provides insight into students' views on the quality of study.

Results from this year The survey indicates a positive development, with a decline from the levels we witnessed in 2019, before the impact of the pandemic.

Study scale 2023

The most satisfied students study religion. The student teachers end up at the bottom

Although in general One reason for optimism is that nursing education is still at the bottom when it comes to satisfaction. Nursing students score particularly poorly in the areas of feedback, career guidance, and discussions with professional staff, both during internships and on campus.

This underscores the clear need for improvements in how we guide and support our future nurses.

To improve conditions With regard to professional feedback and guidance during training periods, it is important to allocate time for mentoring, and arrangements are made so that nurses who mentor students in practice have the opportunity to acquire formal mentoring skills for a minimum of 10 credits.

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Barometer Study 2023

Students use artificial intelligence for this purpose

50 percent ago For nursing education practical studies, it is crucial that the conditions are suitable for supervision. Here, the health service must take its educational responsibility seriously by prioritizing student guidance and skills development for practicing supervisors. Many nurses feel that there is no requirement to develop their supervisory skills.

We see that too
College-bound nursing students score higher on feedback and career guidance than college-bound nursing students. Part of the explanation can be linked to the density of teachers. Universities traditionally have a much larger number of nursing students per cohort than colleges.

Part of the explanation can be linked to the density of teachers. Universities traditionally have a much larger number of nursing students per cohort than colleges.

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It is also important Identify students’ concerns regarding time pressure and balancing study and work. During practical studies, it is difficult to work as much as you would like. Therefore, students have to work more during regular teaching. We fear that this will be at the expense of studies. Therefore, we believe it is essential that you have the option to apply for an additional grant to compensate for the loss of income during training periods.

These concrete proposals
It will be able to provide a direct improvement in students' experience in nursing education. This is an invitation to universities and colleges to take advantage of their capabilities, listen to comments, and respond to accusations.

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Use the study scale The quality of work and collaboration across study sites does not make institutions weaker. It makes every organization better. No one is better off alone.

●Discussion Daniel Torresful Stabo

It is time for more national examinations in nursing education

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