June 2, 2023


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Sturtingett debate |  Lots of mess with the rules and rooms without bathrooms, Giske was there too...

Sturtingett debate | Lots of mess with the rules and rooms without bathrooms, Giske was there too…

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It is not a good idea to follow all the rules, laws and regulations. Especially when you’re co-adopting the regulations, which are probably a little complicated, if you’re to believe everyone who doesn’t quite understand them. I understand that very well. I myself struggle a lot. There can be simple things to check, everything from different websites to agencies and general regulations.

Isn’t that good, yeah I know. But so far, perhaps against all odds, things have gone well! But that does not mean that everything is simple for a Speaker who probably has a lot to see, and does not always have time to check the regulations, I can understand. If quoted correctly, this is a winning quote; “I’m motivated to clean up a set of rules I misunderstood myself ‘Great!

A while ago it was Kjell Ingolf Ropstad, now it’s the misunderstood Eva Kristin Hansen. Ingolf lived in the boys’ room and Eva in Trondheim, or in the skiing? Eva may have received passenger housing from Parliament in violation of the rules. Since 2014, Hansen has lived with her husband in Ski outside Oslo, but at the same time rented a dormitory in Trondheim which she stated as her address. The ski location is too close to the Norwegian Parliament to confer the right to housing for passengers.

According to various media, she is very sad and very desperate. She is also very passionate about cleaning up her own regulations. It looks good, and as a footnote, don’t think Trond Geske showed up here either, well, he was dwelling this time and not other things. It must also be said that Giske is not a residential penny, 400,000 NOK to rent in Trondheim is reasonable. It’s about to get perfect. Although it was a room, without a kitchen and private bathroom, I knew it.

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Now I understand that Eva wants to live in Trondheim. It’s also my favorite city and it’s okay to make mistakes. I hope others who do not understand or misinterpret will be forgiven, and given a chance to correct. Seems like it was a smooth transition. Eva has been commuting between Oslo, Ski and Trondheim the whole time, and yes I know it’s not always easy to know where to stay. So it is easy to choose the wrong room.

Everyone can make mistakes, and everything can be settled, but is anyone now worried about the contempt of politicians?